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Dark Rider[edit]

Origin: Alien Experimentation. It is absolutely inexplicable why aliens would have done this to him.

DR Derek.png
Alter Ego: Derek Ritter
:Composure 2D
:Fortitude 2D
:Reaction 2D
:Will 2D
:Athleticism 2D
:Combat 2D
:Investigation 2D
:Intrusion 2D
:Technology 2D
:Vehicles 2D
Advantages/Disadvantages: 0D
:Instant Change 1D
:Poor 1D
Dark Rider2.png
Resistances (6D) Aptitudes (4D)
Composure: 2D
Fortitude: 2D
Reaction: 4D
Will: 2D
Presence: 3D
Streetwise: 3D
Powers 12D Advantages/Disadvantages -2D
Super Running: 4D
Super Leap: 1D
Super Sense: Radio 2D
  • Multi-Power: Radio Spoofing (Can make cellular phone calls, spoof garage door radio controls or remote start key fobs, etc. Not actually super-hacking - he can emulate a cell phone identification code he has "heard" before, or listen in on transmissions, but he can't hack into your phone's memory and read your contact list.)
Super Aptitude: Athleticism 4D (used to "drive" himself, instead of Vehicles)
Alter Ego (1D)
Size: Big (2D)
Physical Hindrance: He's a car. -2D. (He's more mobile than a mundane vehicle when it comes to getting up or down a wide enough set of stairs, but he doesn't have hands, can't climb a ladder, can't make facial expressions, can't go through regular doors, etc.)

Secret: Secret Identity -1D. Vulnerability: Magnets. -1D.

Social Hindrance: C-Lister. -1D. Dark Rider is not taken seriously by the hero community, news sites that follow cape-stuff, et cetera. Villains generally won't take him seriously until he runs them over a few times.

Some Description: In car form, Dark Rider looks a lot like a classic muscle car. A bit of DNA from Dodge Chargers and Pontiac GTOs. It's black, with a wide grey racing stripe running up the center of the hood. It doesn't quite match up with any production model or prototype ever made, though. An expert car afficionado will suspect it's custom. Derek is in his early 20s. He wears a costume in his human form when out adventuring. It consists of a tight black motorcycle jacket and slimline dark gray helmet - the colors match his car form. Picture a grayscale version of the modern Red Hood and you've got it. He has a little LED flashlight, some improvised lockpicks, and a battered but serviceable .45 automatic that used to belong to Enigma. He'd have better stuff, but Poor.

Derek works as a trainee mechanic for his day job.

Background Derek is honest, brave, and thoroughly out of his element. He was camping and night-fishing at a campground by a dam inland from the city, when he suddenly found the moonlight cut off. Looking up, he was under an enormous, silent flying saucer. Something paralyzed him and levitated him up into the craft. Spinning weightless beside him was his car. The aliens experimented on them both for what seemed to him like about a day. None of it hurt, actually, but it was confusing, and would have been terrifying if the aliens hadn't deadened his panic reflexes as much as his pain nerves. He got to see more of his own internal organs than almost anyone presently alive on planet Earth. So he's got that going for him.

Early one fog-shrouded morning, he woke up, naked, in Century Park. It turns out he'd been missing for a month. His friends and family all believed he had drowned in the lake, since his tracks went down into the water, but none came back out. He had, of course, lost his job and his apartment. Also his car was gone. He's gotten back together with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Xandy, who is an artist generally and a tattoo artist professionally. She's sharp as a tack, and he hasn't managed to hide from her that he's a costumed hero. His parents are gone, but he has some uncles in the area who he hangs out with. They go bowling together, or visit escape rooms. Xandy calls it "inescapable deathtrap practice," but not in front of the uncles. They don't know.

Since then, he's been putting his life back together.

He went to the superhero tryouts and a few of the other heroes and adjacent types made a game of dunking on him. "Okay, show us your powers."

  • turns into a car*

"What else can you turn into?" Radio-voice from inside the car: "This is it. Just the car." "Can you turn into a different car? Or like a van or something?" Radio-voice: "No, uhhh, this is it." "Can you do ANYTHING except turn into a car?" Radio voice: "Well, I can pick up all kinds of radio channels, not just music stations, but like CB and police bands and stuff, and I can open automatic garage doors..." [cue laugh track]

Somehow, he got in anyway. (I think it's actually obvious that the pickings were pretty slim. But to Derek, the former supervillain, the slime princess, etc., all seem impossibly cool. He isn't sure he belongs on the team and thinks he might have been picked as a joke.)