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Image Resistances (8) Aptitudes (3)
Composure 3
Fortitude 3
Reaction 3
Will 3
Technology 3
Fighting 2
Powers (9) Adds/Disadds (0)
Elemental Control (Electricity) 4
Damage Aura 2
Flight 3





Competency Pool: 0D


Max Pennington's reputation as a computer whiz and all-around technology savant had already created a buzz by the time he graduated from college, which is why he was quickly scooped up by Quest Technologies to work on their project to send a manned mission to Mars. He was assigned specifically to work on a new method of propulsion which reduce fuel requirements and increase speeds. Quest already had some technology in house which they were being somewhat vague about. It seemed to Max that they had acquired it somehow, rather than build it themselves, and they seemed to be looking to him to not only learn how best to exploit it but also to just tell them exactly what it was and how it worked.

While tinkering, Max felt that providing the strange device with more power might achieve some threshold which would reveal more about its capability. But when attaching power cables to the unit, there was a flash of light and a booming crackle which hurled Max across the room into the far wall.

He regained consciousness in a hospital where Quest lawyers and others assured him that all was fine and it was nothing serious, but that he was going to be taken off the project temporarily while they reviewed what had happened. He returned home soon enough and then back to a rather mundane job at Quest compared to his previous assignment. He never did see the device again and there were rumors it had been moved to a more secure facility.

Max began to notice strange behavior when he was around electronics, like his toaster might unexpectedly burn his bread even at low settings and light bulbs might burn brighter than they should, even to the point of blowing out. He slowly learned that he was able to control these interactions and also that he was able to manifest electrical fields and, eventually, that by surrounding himself with these fields he could even fly!

His experimentation with his unusual new talent became more and more serious until he felt like he had the ability to help with the ongoing struggles of people like the Centurions, which led to a sense of responsbility that he needed to apply his powers rather than keep them secret. So he invented the identity of Electronaut and began to use his abilities to benefit the world.

Played by: DavidStallard

Resistances (8D) Composure: 3D Fortitude: 3D Reaction: 3D Will: 3D

Aptitudes (3D) Technology: 3D Fighting: 2D

Powers (9D) Elemental Control (Electricity): 4D Damage Aura: 2D Flight: 3D