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Image Resistances (7) Aptitudes (3)
Composure 2D
Fortitude 3D
Reaction 3D
Will 3D
Academia 3
Technology 2
(all others not listed at 1D)
Powers (13) Adds/Disadds (-3)
Energy Control (Gravity) 5D
Area Effect 2D,Split Action 1D, Limited Use <No Manipulation> 7D
Energy Control (Light) 5D
Split Action 1D, Limited Use <No Manipulation> 5D
Flight 4D (Starts at 1D and adds 1D per round until reaching 4D) 2D




Enemy 1D
Strange-Looking (Minor) 1D
Vulnerability (Minor; Magnetism) 1D

Competency Pool: 0D

Appearance Singularity has changed dramatically since the incident which gave him his powers. While he is of average height and build his eyes are jet black and patches of blackness twinkling with stars play over his skin constantly. His hair became a mix of black and white and moves as if defying wind and gravity (which it is). When he speaks his voice has an echoing quality as if coming from a deep place.

Background Janusz Chmielewski immigrated from Poland with his family when he was a small child. They ended up in Southern California and he turned out to be a very bright and motivated student. Hard sciences were a fascination and he ended up getting a full scholarship to Cal Tech, graduating 1 year ahead of time. He was a dual major, obtaining doctorates in both Physics and Engineering. He was snatched up by a starter company, Applied Gravimetrics, which at that time was working on manipulation of gravity, light, and experimenting with trying to create a point singularity. He was placed as one of the heads of the singularity project, supplanting another scientist who was a bit too confrontational with the heads of the company. The other scientist was kept on due to his own expertise in the area. Things were progressing well and a huge machine was created part of which were massive electromagnets to manipulate the light and gravity in efforts to create the singularity. Janusz was working on the machine alone one evening, inside it calibrating some of the sensors, when the containment door closed and locked. The machine started powering up and the safety protocols in place were not working. Glancing up towards the control room he saw the other scientist looking down at him with a malicious grin on his face. The next thing he knew his senses were overloaded by the sense of being crushed and seeing blinding light and darkness.....he knew he was done for and he blacked out from the overload of pain and sensation. After what seemed like an eternity he awoke amid the massive ruins of the machine, fire and sparks everywhere. The control room was completely gone, pulled apart like taffy and fused. He looked himself over and noticed that patches of darkness with light twinkling within like stars played over his skin. He ran from the ruins, knowing that he could never explain what happened. With his thoughts all awhirl the next thing he knew he had lit up like a star and shot up into the sky for a moment as if he had fallen up before crashing to the ground. Getting to his car he covered himself in a blanket and drove home. The company crashed and burned, most of their money sunk into the project, and were absorbed into Quest Technologies. Janusz himself went into hiding to figure out what had happened to him. Over time he determined that the results of the sabotage allowed him to manipulate both light and gravity, even being able to "fly" by altering gravity for himself. Checking the news reports he was able to determine that the sabotaging scientist had somehow survived and had allied himself with Atomic Brain. Calling himself Polarizer he appears to have the ability to manipulate magnetic energies. The havoc Polarizer was causing gave Janusz the impetus to come out of his self-imposed exile. He made his way to Centurion Tower to tell them what he knew about the Applied Gravimetrics disaster and the results on him, offering his abilities to help stop Polarizer and other super powered threats as his way of making amends for disappearing...

Played by: Xhaeosdaemon