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Archetype: "Elastic"
Origin: "Non-Human"
Resistances: [6D]
Composure 3D
Fortitude 2D (4D vs Crushing)
Reaction 2D
Will 3D
Aptitudes: [3D]
Academia 2D
Performance 2D
Sleight of Hand 2D
Powers: [11D]
Fortitude 2D (Complication: Only vs Crushing)
Invulnerability (Piercing) 3D
Shape Change 3D (Limited Form: Humanoids)
Stretching 3D (Boost: Multipower [Additional Limbs], Multipower [Wall Crawling])
Advantages: [1D]
Water Breathing
Disadvantages: [-3D]
Major Vulnerability [Cold] -2D
Secret (true origins) -1D
Competency Pool: 2D


Background: Slime (real name: Green; alias name: Cyan Stavros) and her mother (real name: Yellow; alias name: Xanthe Stavros; not actually related) are shapeshifting slimes -- "slimeshifters" -- from the multidimensional Zenny Empire. Life in the "Zen" is actually pretty good compared to what a lot of people have to put up with on Earth, but the empire is not above using underhanded tactics to keep itself afloat and take over new dimensions.

Green's track into superheroism got started when she was accidentally exposed by a group of young "liminals" (i.e. young urban fantasy creatures) who fought crime mainly as a way to deal with boredom. They semi-blackmailed her into joining their team, but she eventually decided they were a bunch of self-righteous jerks and turned them in, even if that meant more of her secret got out. For the time being she's managed to convince people her powers are a natural mutation.