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David Crane aka Wraith [20D]

Resistances: (8D)
Composure 3D
Fortitude 3D
Reaction 3D
Will 3D
Aptitudes: (4D)
Athleticism 3D
Combat 3D
Powers: (10D)
Insubstantiality 3D
Boosts: Linked Power (Invisibility), Partial Insubstantiality, Sharable
(Complication: Delayed Use 2D, 3 rounds)
Invisibility 3D (Boost: Sharable) (Complication: Delayed Use 2D, 3 rounds)
Disadvantages: (Former supervillain)
Public ID
Social Hindrance (Disreputable (minor))
Competency Pool: 1D

Appearance: A muscular, tattooed man in his late thirties, with dark hair and beard

As a super, wears a gray-white, shroud-like garment with a hood and a veil that completely covers his face.

Rival: Marcia Melendez alias Medusa. A tough-looking Hispanic woman in her thirties, with a dark green, snake-like outfit with a mask that covers the face completely except for the eyes and has what looks like snakes as hair.

Relatives: Jessica Reed, ex-wife, and their daughter Heather, 16 years of age.

Origin: (Altered Human)

Quest Technologies is one of the cutting-edge tech companies of Century City. They specialize in quantum technologies and hold some valuable patents involving quantum computers.

David Crane and Marcia Melendez both used to work there, but not in any prestigious role. They were members of the cleaning staff. Minimum wage workers. Hence, they both were interested when there was a call for volunteers in a research project, with extra pay promised. They both needed the money, especially David whose wife was pregnant with their child, so they volunteered.

The experiment was about quantum communications. Quest was looking for a way to communicate over long distances without delay. It was a plan for the future, research to develop a high-speed method of communication between Earth and a possible colony on Mars. Neither David nor Marcia understood the science behind it. but all they needed to do was communicate with each other from different parts of the laboratory using devices that looked like large, high tech mirrors. It was supposed to be safe. Just communication, nothing more. But something went wrong. A mysterious power surge caused both devices to blow up simultaneously. Thankfully, David and Marcia got away with only slight injuries that they were compensated for. The experiments were stopped until the scientists could figure out what happened. And all went back to normal. Or so it seemed.

Two months later, the first symptoms appeared, in the form of extreme tiredness. No matter how long either of them sleeped, it was not enough. Quest Technologies denied any connection with the experiments, and after a while of showing up late for work and not doing their work properly, David and Marcia were laid off. A month after that, the feelings of exhaustion went away. And left the powers behind.

David found that he could phase himself out of both visual and physical spectrum. He could become invisible and turn parts or all of his body insubstantial. And that he could take another person with him when he phased. Marcia could slow down time around herself, even temporarily freeze people in time with a look, effectively petrifying them. Bitter about being unfairly laid off, they decided that they would use their powers to get money.

It was supposed to be just a couple of quick snatch and run jobs, enough to get by. But with success came greed. For the next two years, Wraith and Medusa, as they started calling themselves, were a nightmare to everyone in Century City with valuables to hide. They appeared out of nowhere right inside the protected vaults, took what they wanted, and vanished before any response had time to arrive. No one seemed to be able to catch them. Until they once again arrived to do their heist, and found the Centurions waiting for them. Wraith had phased them, but the Centurions had prepared a force field he could not phase through. With her ability to slow time around her, Medusa managed to escape before she was caught in the field. But the Centurions did catch Wraith.

Wraith spent the next fourteen years in prison. His wife, Jessica, visited him just once, to tell him that she was divorcing him and taking back her maiden name of Reed in order not to get associated with him and his notoriety. She also told him that she was going to tell their daughter Heather that her father moved to another state when she was young and not reveal the truth to her. And that David was not to contact Heather without Jessica's permission, even when he got out. She would have to be sure that he was not going back to being a supervillain before she allowed it.

David Crane was released from prison a short while ago. He had a 16 year old daughter he was not allowed to see, plenty to prove and not much he was able to do. As a worker, he was unskilled. He still had the powers of Wraith, but as a former supervillain whose identity was no longer a secret, there was little he could do with those powers. Then he heard that the city was recruiting new Centurions. There were a lot of things he was not allowed to do with his powers, but applying to become a Centurion was not among them.