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Luke Bradshaw (Doctor Gigabyte) (AKA Trevor Wilkes AKA Captain Crusher[edit]

Resistances (5) Aptitudes (3)
Composure 3D
Fortitude 2D
Reaction 2D
Will 2D
Awareness 2D
Intrusion 2D
Streetwise 2D
Powers (11) Adds/Disadds (-4)
Insubstantiality 1D
Regeneration 1D
Super Brain 4D
Telepathy 5D; Affects machines instead of people, touch range, multi-power [ghost lightning] /// Energy Control [Ghost Lightning] 4D
Teleportation 1D (Boost: Gate; Complication: Only Via Computer Networks) (2)




Addiction (video games) (-1)
Honour Bound (-1); details later, at a minimum never harm a civilian or allow one to be harmed
Phobia (Deep Water) (-1)
Secret (Ghost of a (Now Reformed) Supervillain) (-1)

Trev was a bit two thief, somewhat slow and quick to anger who stumbled into supervillainy by nicking an experimental battlesuit that was left lying around after the hero/villain battle had moved on from the demolished lab to the street.

His supervillain career as Captain Crusher was short-lived, ending when his battlesuit malfunctioned over the action, and he drowned in the pacific ocean.

Next thing he knew, he was a ghost! Not only that, but he became what he would have been had his time in the womb and his upbringing had been ideal: a supergenius, and far more mentally stable. Guilt-ridden for his acts of crime and violence, he resolved to become a superhero as Doctor Gigabyte

Played by: t@nya