Supers!RED Gate City Emergent

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Image Resistances (4) Aptitudes (7)
Rat emergent.png
Composure 2
Fortitude 2
Reaction 4
Will 1
Awareness 3
Infiltration 3 +2 if they are not expecting rats
Performance 2 Trade-off 3 for Diplomacy 1 for anything else
Powers (12) Adds/Disadds (-3)
Elemental Form (Rats) 4
Super Science 4 (Uncontrollable, Extra use)
Super Brain 5




Odd-looking (swarm of rats) -1
Outsider (seriously, swarm of rats already) -1
Vulnerable: AOE (dude seriously, swarm of rats) -1

Competency Pool: 0D


Emergent is a powerful intelligence that was created as a result of very large number of rats being mentally connected via a super-high-tech link. It came into being as a result of a project by a corporation in which they attempted to augment rats with sensors and communications based on salvaged alien technology. They intended to use them as spies and infiltrators. The project failed miserably because it turns out that rats have no discipline whatsoever and produced magnificently detailed images of the nearest food source.

At least that is what the experimenters think.

Played by: Timon