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Madeline Miles (Rage Machine)[edit]

Resistances (5) Aptitudes (5)
Composure 1D
Fortitude 3D
Reaction 3D
Will 2D
Academia 1D (Biology +2D)
Athleticism 2D
Awareness 2D
Investigation 2D
Technology 2D
Powers (11) Adds/Disadds (-3)
Regeneration 2D
Shape Change 5D [Extra Effect: When in Rage, Complication: Limited Form (animal-shaped machines)]
Stretching 3D [Complication: Only in machine form]
Super Aptitude (Presence) 2D




Mental Hindrance (Low Self-Esteem) 1D
Social Hindrance, Minor (Disreputable) 1D
Social Hindrance, Minor (Strange Look) 1D
Rage (Trigger: Stress) 1D

Competency Pool: 2D Background

"There was a party in the GIT tunnels. I tried to go because that's what my therapist wanted. Stupid idea: too many people there, I slowly started to freak out, I walked down one of the tunnels we weren't supposed to go in. I sat down to take a breath next to something dripping, then it started dripping on me.......Next thing I know I'm waking up in a containment unit with glowing blue tattoos and grey skin and there's a cop wanting to know why I smashed up the university."

As best anyone can tell, an old, buried canister of alien micro-machines assimilated Madeline Miles and channeled her stress over college and life in general into a beast-like machine form. Now stuck as a semi-famous figure in the city, superheroing is both about the only thing Maddy can do with her life and her only way to get people to see her as something other than a monster waiting to happen.

Played by: SilvercatMoonpaw