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The most powerful heroes in the world protecting not just their country of origin but the whole world from world ending threats. Formed just after World war 2 the world heroes started out as the official heroes protecting the first world. As time has gone by the team has grown tired of national politics and now focus on protecting people without borders define which side is good and bad. Based on the moon ad using supertech to travel too and from earth.

Hero Rooster[edit]

Alicanto: A Chilean male hero with metal kinesis and the ability to to turn into bird/man form of pure metal.

Baba Yaga: A Russian women with fundamentally a psionic superwomen power set who first came into the scene during the start of the cold war. Less patriotic then the propaganda of the time suggest after the fall of the soviet union has became much more spoken about her political beliefs. The second oldest hero in the hero league and officially 90 she has the appearance of a women in her early 30's. Has a publicly close friendship with Britannia.

Britannia/Margaret: A British women who combines exceptional warrior skill and investigation skills with multiple lifetimes of experience, note while she has above human endurance and resistance she is not invulnerable. While claiming to have been born during the roman settlement of Britain she does admit to changing bodies and that her current body is only round 200 years old.

Cold One: An Australian Android (Identifies as male) with cold and ice based Super-tech all so technically endless beer. Originally a animatronic superhero mascot for a beer company who due to constant and unrealistic demands for more life like behaviours more special ice like specially effect caused the head of engineer to undergo SSTIS( Sudden super tech inventor syndrome). Locking himself into the workshop for 2 weeks when he exited he brought out Cold One with all the life like behaviours and ice based powers the company could want.

Nanite: An Israeli Women, with the powers of shape-shifting and energy blasts. Gained her powers from investigating a strange meteorite that fell near her house, it turned out to be full of alien nanites that that entered her body giving her their powers.

Nemesis: is an appearance changing american detective with the power to gain the skills and abilities to cope with the threat in front of them. Often see in official photographs wearing a form hiding trench coat and hat angled to hid the majority of their face, Nemesis is a hard target to identify.

Ongeza/Tumaini: A Kenyan man with super strength and toughness with the ability to boost it even more for short time periods also having almost supernatural skill with pharmacology his Medicines have helped as much as his strength. A researcher studying a cure of a muscle wasting disease that he himself suffered from, tested a potential cure on himself which worked to unimaginable degree giving him not just the strength to move by himself but the strength to lift a car without exertion. This success though was not to be replicated, other sufferers treated with this drug only experienced small and far too often temporary improvement but he still researches to find what was different about what happened to him. Slowly drawn into super heroic by his desire to help others Ongeza has built a reputation as pillar of strength.

Musogin: A south Korean Man who in his youth grew dissatisfied with the path in his life left collage and traveled Korea to discover himself and his heritage. While considering himself to have failed the first half of his goal, he was successful in learning more about his culture and it's ancient traditions. Studying traditional martial arts like Taekgyeon and under Muism leaders they developed a deep personal connection to the heart of Korea's long heritage. This deep personal connection was the start to their growth in magic which alongside their martial art was soon used to aid they people around them. Since then They have looked outwards learning about the occult from around the world and aiming to become a champion of the Korean people on the world stage.