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Player Character in The Shadow Over Creation


Basic Information[edit]

Name: Syrine. She has no other.
Concept: Wandering Ex-Slave with a Grudge
Caste: Night
Anima: A maiden bursting forth from chains
Limit Trigger: Being bound, captured, confined, or enslaved, or witnessing slavery

Supernal: Larceny
Caste Abilities: Athletics, Dodge, Larceny, Socialize, Stealth
Favored Abilities: Awareness, Integrity, Performance, Presence, Thrown

Tracking Stuff[edit]

Willpower: 5/5
Personal Motes: 13/13
Peripheral Motes: 16/33 (17 committed)
Health Levels (-0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated): None Damaged

Regular XP: 2/50
Reed in the Wind: -8
Joint-Wounding Attack: -8
Mastery of Small Manners: -8
Guardian Fog Approach: -8
Stealing From Plain Sight Spirit: -8
Magpie's Invisible Talon: -8
Solar XP: 10/27
Strength 2: -4
Athletics 2: -1
Awareness 2: -1
Athletics 3: -3
Venom-Intesifying Stroke: -8

Important Stats[edit]

Join Battle: 5 Dice (13 with Blinding Battle Feint)
Guile: 6 Resolve: 4
Evasion: 5 Parry: 3
Soak: 6 Hardness: 0

Unarmed (Bashing, Brawl, Grappling, Natural) 5 dice (+4 for withering), 9 damage
Leaf of Szoreny (Lethal, Thrown (Long), Cutting, Special) 10 dice (+5/+4/+3/+0/-2 for withering), 14 damage, 4 Overwhelming
Knives (Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short)) 5 dice (+4 for withering)/10 dice (+5/+4/+3/+0/-2 for withering), 9 damage
Needles (Subtle, Poisonable, Thrown (Short)) 10 dice (+5/+4/+3/+0/-2 for withering), 9 damage
Chain shirt (Concealable) 3 soak, 0 hardness, 0 penalty

Other Items:

  • A pretty silk fan she stole from someone
  • Varying clothes that weren't hers
  • Disguise kit
  • Lockpicks
  • Things random passerby had until a few moments ago
Syrine in more fun attire


Strength 2 Dexterity 5 Stamina 3
Charisma 2 Manipulation 5 Appearance 4
Intelligence 1 Perception 3 Wits 4

Abilities [Specialties][edit]

Athletics 3
Awareness 2
Dodge 5
Integrity 3
Larceny 5 [Disguise]
Linguistics 1
Performance 3 [Dance]
Presence 5
Resistance 1
Socialize 5 [Guile]
Stealth 5 [Crowds]
Thrown 5


Languages 3: Riverspeak(n), Low Realm, Old Realm, Skytongue.
Artifact 3: A Leaf of Szoreny (3-dot Starmetal, Chalcanth, and Vitriol Skycutter)

  • This hard-to-observe skycutter is a jagged, mirror-shined blade with handles of eerily clear leather, that drips a vitriol which seems to gather and stifle color. Barely perceptible on the flat of the blades, except in guttering twilight, the harsh light of Ligier, or certain alchemical preparations, sutras of the Broken-Winged Crane flow across the blade. Forged in repayment of an ancient favor by Avuela, it is at its core a genuine leaf of the Silver Forest, layered over with moonsilver and the essence of four and fourty Agata slain in their roosts in Szoreny's root-boughs. The glassy core of the handle is denatured firmin-needle, and the nigh-invisble leather wrap is tanned from the hide of one of Ahlat's sacred bulls, bleached of all color before death under the harsh light of Ligier and the shadow-song of Erembour. Bound to the Leaf is a simple scabbard of impossibly black boar-hide, which smoothly admits the blade despite the jagged shape that should tear it apart.
  • Until recently, it was a sacred relic to a hidden cult of Ca'ar-Iqqesh, known in modern days as the Harvest of Twisted Seed, but in the first age bearing the epithet Worm Within the Wires. How it came to be in possession of the mortal cultists of a second-circle demon, when it had originally been granted to Kagami, the City of Mirrors, is unknown. Ca'ar-Iqqesh is not even one of Kagami's souls; it instead is the progeny of Bostvade, the Quicksilver Highway.
  • A Leaf of Szoreny mostly uses Spring Razor's evocations and stats other than being a Skycutter instead of a Daiklave, and may have additional powers of stealth. It is resonant with any being to which Moonsilver or Vitriol are resonant (Solar, Lunar, Infernal, any sort of Akuma, or demon). A character resonant with the blade who attunes to A Leaf of Szoreny gains Howling Lotus Strike at no cost. The Leaf of Szoreny boasts two hearthstone sockets hidden by illusion among its mirrored facets.
  • Evocations
    • >Howling Lotus Strike (Spring Razor 620)
    • >Venom-Intensifying Stroke (Spring Razor 620)

Artifact 3: Belt of Shadow Walking (page 602)

  • All stealth rolls at +3
  • 10m to turn into living shadow for 1 scene
    • Pass through tiny cracks
    • Diff 2 to notice in direct light, otherwise invisible
    • Standard immaterial advantages and disadvantages while in shadow form
    • Can transform worn/carried items but not other beings

Familiar 1: Piq the albino mink
Contacts 3: Immaculate Order - monks, missionaries, etc

Solar Charms (Ability and page)[edit]

Graceful Crane Stance (Athletics 260)
Reed in the Wind (Dodge 299)
Drifting Leaf Elusion (Dodge 300)
Shadow Over Water (Dodge 300)
Seasoned Criminal Method (Larceny 315)
Flawless Pickpocketing Technique (Larceny 316)
Stealing from Plain Sight Spirit (Larceny 319)
Magpie's Invisible Talon (Larceny 319)
Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise (Larceny 317)
Perfect Mirror (Larceny 319)
Reversal of Fortune (Larceny 320)
Flashing Ruse Prana (Larceny 321)
Harmonious Presence Meditation (Presence 369)
Ox-Body Technique (Resistance 375)
Motive-Discerning Technique (Socialize 393)
Mastery of Small Manners (Socialize 292)
Perfect Shadow Stillness (Stealth 403)
Blinding Battle Feint (Stealth 404)
Guardian Fog Approach (Stealth 405)
Precision of the Striking Raptor (Thrown 415)
Joint-Wounding Attack (Thrown 415)


Intimacy Intensity Details
Demon-Worshippers Defining Negative Tie She has a very proximate grudge
Never a slave again Defining Principle Anything that looks like it might end up with her in bondage or servitude to another again will rouse her anger and the full measure of her resistance
The powerful should be wary - of me Major Principle She doesn't have a problem with authority per se, just authority figures doing things she doesn't like, and she's likely to take an opportunity to 'keep them honest'
Abolish Slavery Major Principle As an ex-slave she has some opinions on this. ...explaining the implications of demon-binding to her might not be the best idea.
Immaculate Order Major Tie They destroyed the cult she used to be a slave of, after all
Anathema are awful demon-things Minor Negative principle More than a bit congitively dissonant - she needs to deal with this
Demons Minor Negative Tie She has a bit of a grudge, but it wasn't demons that held her in thrall
The Guild Minor Negative Tie They trained and sold her, but a lot of her early life was kind of a blur so she's not sure
Order is good Minor Principle Obviously, she's a lawbreaker of many kinds, but she appreciates that society needs to function and there are lines not to cross
What I want, I take Minor Principle Now that she has power, she has the power to take the things she wants, even if they're not really hers
Wheat Minor Tie She appreciates being able to eat and stuff on their journey
108 Minor Tie Oooooh, pretty
Ranjan Minor Tie Fellow cultist-hater
Morning Way Minor Tie Usefully Rich
Aria Minor Tie Grateful


Syrine was a slave in the Blessed Isle, whose mistress was involved with a Yozi cult. She Exalted by secretly spreading enough whispers around that the Immaculate Order took notice of the cult, but not her, and she slipped away with the cult's most sacred artifact