T'lurra Grace-of-Mind

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Female Psychic Sem Princess

T'lurra, Princess of Tsemuya


  • Agility: d6
  • Smarts: d8
  • Spirit: d8
  • Strength: d4
  • Vigor: d6

Derived Attributes

  • Rank: Seasoned
  • Bennies: 3
  • Parry: 7
  • Toughness: 8 (4) with armor
  • Pace: 6"


  • Melee: Dueling claw 1d6, damage 2d4+2


  • Curious (M)
  • Loyal (m)
  • Mild-mannered (m)
  • Environmental Weakness: Cold (m, racial)
  • Frail (m, racial)
  • Habit: Licks Own Eyes (m, racial)


  • Precognition (+2 Parry, racial)
  • Wall-Walker (racial)
  • AB: Psionics
  • Charismatic
  • Linguist
  • Power Points
  • Concentration


  • Athletics: d6
  • C. Knowledge d6
  • Electronics: d4
  • Fighting: d6
  • Healing: d6
  • Language (Sem): Native
  • Language (Earthlang): d8
  • Language (Doyga): d6
  • Language (Kotoan): d6
  • Language (): d6
  • Notice: d4
  • Persuasion: d8
  • Piloting: d4
  • Psionics: d8
  • Shooting: d6
  • Stealth: d6


PP: 15

  • Boost/Lower Trait (PP: 2; Range: Smarts; Duration: 10/instant)
  • Deflection (PP 3; Range: Smarts; Duration: 10)
  • Stun (PP 2; Range: Smarts; Duration: Instant)
  • Mind Link (PP 1; Range: 1 mile/5 miles; Duration: 1 hour)
  • Sloth/Speed (PP 2; Range Smarts; Duration: Instant/10) (+2 PP to ignore 2 points of MAP)


  • Personal energy shield ($100, +4 armor, weight 4)
  • Dueling claw (molecular knife, $250, weight 0.5
  • MRE [2] ($20)
  • Standard clothing ($20)
  • First aid kit ($10)
  • $100

The sem known as T’lurra Grace-of-Mind (sometimes called Grace or Gracie by her non-sem friends) claims to be the true-hatched princess of the planet of Tsemuya, daughter of A’thaurrel Strength-in-Hand. However, she was driven from her homeworld when her cousin, H’athael Crystal-in-Grasp conspired with the military leadership to have her declared unfit to lead and seize control. T’lurra was saved thanks to the actions of several loyal guards and servants, who managed to spirit her offworld to save her life. Now cut off from her contacts, she adapted to her situation with reptilian calm, taking whatever jobs she could find to build her resources in the hopes of someday reclaiming her birthright. However, to do so she needs to stay alive.

T’lurra is a skilled diplomat and trained in the psionic Way of the Crystal Egg, though she keeps the latter fact quiet unless around trusted friends. She is a friendly and personable creature, though humans sometimes find her unblinking stare and habit of licking her own eyes disturbing. She has recently started painting eyelashes on her brows in an effort to appear more welcoming.

Her pink coloration, slight build, short stature (she is barely five feet tall) and naturally chirpy voice combine to make her a remarkably un-threatening creature. Nevertheless, she is a trained warrior and a passable shot with a laser pistol; she still keeps a set of dueling claws packed away in her luggage, and more than one burly thug has underestimated this slender reptilian lady, to his regret.