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The Greatest Science-Fiction RPG in the World, the Galaxy, The Universe, The Multiverse.

There Are No Terrans[edit]

In a time of chaos when guns ruled the calaxy, between the Fall of Terra and the Rise of Rogue, eldritch things threaten the void between worlds, and the threat that nearly ended life as we know it over a century ago, known as The Raive maintains a lingering presence at the edges of the wormhole plexus. It is a time of turmoil, and interstellar warfare, when There Are No Terrans, only outlaws and adversaries.

I began dreaming up my first thoughts on No Terrans in the winter of 2013, though I had dreamed up many worlds before then, and they all contributed something to what I consider my grandest project yet.

(There Are) No Terrans is a science-fantasy post-apocalypse... in space. A story of galactic destruction, unprecedented war, ultimate power and the horrors of what it creates, and of the fractured, ruined world left in the fallout. The 100% homebrew system I'm in the process of creating aims to illustrate a theme of powerlessness with great destruction, and ultimate risk. It is a "shoot first, ask questions later" type of game. Expect to live forever or die trying. The universe will try to kill you, so may your friends. You may find that your true allies are inadequate, while your enemies are swallowed hole by even greater threats. Anything may happen. Expect to die.

(Maybe a lot if you're special.)

  1. Table of Contents
    1. Game Rules
      1. First, an Introduction
      2. How to Play a Game That Wants to Kill You And Have Fun Doing It
      3. This is the Tutorial Level
      4. Character Stats
        1. We're All Pink on the Inside
        2. Tribes, Background, I Have a History!
        3. Adaptations
        4. Perks & Quirks
        5. Vices, Virtues, and the Value of Moderation
        6. What Are You Made Of?
        7. A Role to Play...
        8. Possessions, Assets, Tech & Cybernetics... The Goodie Grab Bag
      5. How to Play the Game (For Real, This Time)
        1. Jumping Right in... Combat!
        2. Wounds & Conditions
        3. Talking it Out
        4. Special Abilities for Special People
        5. Ontoabilities and Raive Tech
        6. Fear & Insanity
    2. Setting Information; Tour
      1. Your G-Man Handbook
      2. The Story So Far...
      3. The Shape of the World
      4. The Powers That Be
      5. Trope-A-Day
      6. From Anamagus to Zephyr, What Lives in the World
      7. Tools, Equipment, Machinery, and Transport by Era
      8. Tales of the Galaxy
      9. Appendix