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Alright. This will be the only 'out of character' page among the whole of Tearz, so read up before you get confused. Tearz is a parody of RIFTS and Exalted -- however, with the way those two are set up, it's easy to extend it to a parody of anything else.


In TEARZ, the contributors all play 'freelancers' for 'TEARZ Books' or 'Chine Games' (which should vary in-text), who is owned by an evil alternate universe version of myself (Shanya Almafeta). It's your call whether the 'TEARZ Book Freelancer' you play is named after you, as a name parodying yours, or is an unrelated persona.

These freelancers fall into two groups -- True Believers, or Usurpers To The Throne. True Believers think TEARZ and Shanya Almafeta is infalliable, and all other roleplaying games, mere pretenders; Usurpers want to see someone else than the unmitigated evil that is Chine Games produce TEARZ. TEARZ Books doesn't even allow erotic fanfic-cum-conversion guides, for pete's sake!

Rant every so often. Describe how TEARZ™ is the Best Game Ever, and how the other game makers and players of non-TEARZ™ games are lost at best, evil misleading heathens at worst. Get prentensious!

(Incidentally, if you want to rant about the real Shanya Almafeta under the guise of ranting about the fictional Shanya Almafeta, go ahead and be my guest. There's no Rule 0 or moderation or oversight committee here...)

English or the lack thereof[edit]

Dice notations should have the D capitalized, and dice abbreviations should be in bold whenever possible. Whenever dealing with 'high-scale' damage like VDP or MDP, italics and/or exclamation points are called for -- instead of 'This attack deals 4d8 UDP of damage', you should write it as so: "This super beam deals 4D8 U.D.P.™ of damage!!!" All abbreviations should have dots in them, have the ™ symbol after them, and abbreviations should be in bold whenever possible.

In true Palladium Books form, you should attribute yourself for any section you write. Of course, if you edit another person's section (even if only to add a fewsentences), you should also attribute yourself, again in true Palladium Books form.

If there is ever a concensus about how something should be written or how something works in the world, we're doing something wrong. Two factions can (and should) be allies in one page and blood enemies in the next.

Current goals[edit]

  • Create a category of TECs for every letter of the alphabet, with at least one class in each.
  • Expand the Manifesto to include rips on more such 'one true ways' that various games have.

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