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From the Yoyodyne Robots Catalog:

The TOPIO Dio is the latest in household robotics. The TOPIO Dio is pre-programmed with hundred of useful task sets. From bartending, with a drink menu of over 400 drinks, to cleaning using its built in floor and finger vacuums, the TOPIO Dio is rugged enough to mop up after animal accidents, and delicate enough to clean your fine electronics and crystal. The TOPIO Dio is programmed to respond to seven different languages, and be programmed to obey all, or some set of individuals using voice commands. TOPIO Dio has advanced context awareness, so it can respond instantly to your needs. Need help chopping vegetables for your stirfry? The TOPIO Dio will observe your counter top find the appropriate tool (or located one using its extensive visual and gyroscopic memory) and cut to your specifications. Want to entertain the children. The TOPIO can play hundreds of board, card, dice and other games,it is also able to play table tennis, billiards, darts and other active games. The TOPIO Dio is designed to be your humble and ever ready servant. When not in use the TOPIO retreats to its charging station so it is always ready for 12-24 hours of use (charges vary depending on activity).

Partial List of Program:

  • Vacuuming/Mopping Floors
  • Hand washing dishes/crystal
  • Cleaning windows, dusting
  • Light lifting and moving (50kg max lift, 100Kg max drag)
  • Tending bar, waiting, busing.
  • Food preparation
  • Valet service
  • Third (and fourth) set of hands to hold objects, assist in tasks
  • Sentry (in position or along a planned route). Can be connected to Cortex
  • Games
  • Music Player (or other recording)
  • Messenger (moves at speeds up to 20kph over level ground)

The TOPIO Dio aboard the Summer's Gift was damaged with a 9mm round to the CPU, but is in the process of being repaired.