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Don Alvaro
Alvaro-2.jpg Like many of not most Ondalans, Alvaro is carrying his mother's name for family name. He adds Muezina on account of a great dead by great-grandmother, peformed in war. According to the Ondalan edict that grants it, it preceeds the family name.

A good Asrian, Alvaro had gone to war with the desert-born pirates on their own arena: In The Sea. Serving his country and faith, as a man ought to, he served under a well-known privateer, Captainess Dos Ortega, in the abordages. She took some liking to him - he probably reminded her of her grandchildren - and taught him about the cutlass. Her teachings saved his life in the sea, and later destroyed it...at least so it seemed.

Still, he had to run from his country when he inadvertently killed his opponent in a duel, after being accused of cheating his fiancee with another man. To prove his innocence, he faced the accuser with live steel. Too bad the first blood was coming from his accuser's throat, but the instincts of the naval fighter took momentarily over. Even worse, the chirurgeon didn't manage (or didn't want to manage) to stop the blood.

To add insult to injury, he didn't even like the man he was accused of having an illicit liaison with (nor any other man, but nobody believed THAT). Alvaro is still wondering who started the rumour, too...but he had to defend his name upon hearing it, and then he had to run. This is, for now, a mystery.

And he still had to run. In the eyes of the law, whether kin to the royal family or not, it was still a murder during a duel. So here he is, in Gallinea, looking for opportunity and a lawyers skilled enough to make his case and create new precedent. And for money to pay such a specialist. All of which should be acquired without sullying his honour further. A fugitive noble is still a noble!

Classes & Advancement
Courtier Privateer
Royal [d12] Soldier [d6]
Competency Die [d6] Yield Limit 9
XP Earned 0 XP Spent 0

Character Details
Gender: Male Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 6'2" Weight: 240 lbs.
Hair Color: Black, wavy Eye Color: Green
Age: 18 Birthstone: Bloodstone
Nationality: Ondalan Religion: Asrian
Occupation: Fugitive Bladeslinger With Royal Blood Residence: Where The Wind Takes Him
Affiliation: The Queen's Cavaliers Reputation: Bloody-Handed Duelist

[ ] Albian [ ] Ekalian [x] Gallinean [x] Ifrani
[ ] Old Qartan [X] Ondalese (n) [ ] Talanian [ ] Varendish

Passions & Personifications
[d12] Pride Captainess Dos Ortega, whom I want to be proud of me
[d10] Lust The portrait of the queen when young
[d8] Love My Fiancée
[d6] Justice The person I had slain to prove not being guilty of cheating

Attributes, Skills, & Specialties
Competency [d6] Verve [d10] Affinity [d8] Guile [d6]
[ ] Clockworks
[x] Defense Parry +2 Block +1 Dodge +1
[x] Dueling Lunge +1 Feint +1
[x] Education Society +2 Arts +1
[x] Initiative
[x] Interaction Negotiate +1 Deceive +1
[ ] Magicks
[ ] Medicine
[x] Military Aim +1
[x] Nature Explore +1
[x] Observation Intuition +1
[x] Streetwise Conspire +1

Style Maneuvers
Add Dodge to Parry: When using a cutlass, spend 1 Style Point to add Dodge dice to a Parry roll
Maximize Social Rank: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Social Rank die to its maximum value before rolling.
Add Conspire to Block: When fighting with a rapier in one hand and a dagger in the other

hand, spend 1 Style Point to add Conspire dice to a Block roll.

Weapon & Armor Prowess
Weapons Armors
[x] Knife [d6] [x] Leather Jerkin [d6]
[x] Sword [d8] [ ] Steel Breastplate [d10]
[ ] Pike [d10] [ ] Buckler [d8]
[ ] Quarterstaff [d6]
[ ] Bow [d6]
[ ] Crossbow [d8]
[x] Pistol [d6]
[x] Musket [d10]
[x] Cannon [d12]

Wealth Pool: [d10] [d6] [d6]
Barter Dice:

Weapons, Armor, & Other Equipment
Rapier Weapon [d8]
Cutlass Weapon [d8]
Dagger Weapon [d6]
Riding Horse
Leather Jerkin Armor [d6]
Corsair Outfit
Courtly Outfit

Corsair Uniform
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Tricorn Tenne
Chest Leather Jerkin Or Armor [d6], Parry Charmwoven [d12]
Arms Craftsman Gloves Tenne
Legs Breeches Sable
Feet Boots Sable

Courtly Outfit
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die

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