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Name: Judithia Aphrodite (Jude) Derry
House: Gryffindor
Year: 5th
Wand: Cedar, 13" whippy, with Unicorn hair
Player: Stormraven
Pets: None
Description: Jude is fairly small, all of 5'4", with pale skin and blue eyes. Her hair is strawberry blonde and usually falls to her shoulders in ringlets.


Name: Jude Derry

Refresh: 3


High Concept: 5th Year Gryffindor - The girl who loves mysteries.

Aspect 2: Puzzle Queen of Hogwarts

Aspect 3: Shouldn't you be in Ravenclaw?

Aspect 4: Mind like a Firebolt. (Thinks very, very, very quickly. Doesn't have a lot of patience with those slower.)


Great (+4) Careful

Fair (+2) Clever, Forceful

Average (+1) Flashy, Quick

Mediocre (+0) Sneaky


13" whippy, with Unicorn hair.

Stunt: The Wise Mind sees deeper - My spells can cut through to the truth. When used for an overcome action against deceit or distraction, gain a +2. A success with style gains an additional Invoke.


Speedy Sorcery

Because I have a Mind like a Firebolt, I'm able to think through all my actions and pull off complex spells as quickly as most people can react, allowing me to use Careful when Quick would otherwise be the preferred option.

Cluedo Mistress

Because I'm the Puzzle Queen of Hogwarts, I'm able to spot unusual situations and people better than most, which gives me a +2 on Overcomes dealing with 'noticing things out of place or unusual behavior.

Mental Fortitude

Because I have a Mind like a Firebolt, my mind is more resilient than most, affording me 1 extra Mild Consequence which can only be used to account for mental / emotional damage.


Jude is the elder daughter of Damian and Beverly Derry. By sheer coincidence, both parents are purebloods, but - like the Weasleys, they don't waste any time with prejudice. In fact, Jude's mother is best friends (almost sister) with the Muggle-born mother of Jude's best friend (almost adopted brother) Roger Mohr.

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