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Slytherin student present at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Daphne Carmine[edit]

Slytherin 2nd Year. Younger sister of Deirdre Carmine (Deceased)

Maisie "Mincer" Carver[edit]

Student present at the Battle of Hogwarts. It is said she earned her nickname from a self-created spell that caused hundreds of small lacerations on an opponent.


Slytherin student present at the Battle of Hogwarts.


Martine "Longarm" Villeroy[edit]

Ravenclaw Prefect. Quidditch seeker and very keen-eyed.

Arthur Flocks[edit]

(5th Year) (Amycus' dorm mate) Muggle-born. Hid with his family in Uagadou most of last year, re-taking his 5th year. Quiet, serious, and studious. Gifted astronomer.

Corvus Towley[edit]

(5th Year) (Amycus' dorm mate) Half-blood. Present at the Battle of Hogwarts, primarily assisted with fortifications and evacuation of the wounded and recovery of the dead. Tortured by the Carrows for being overheard speaking positively about muggles. Talkative and sociable, ardent student of Wizarding (and Muggle) History.

Hypatia Fortescue[edit]

(5th Year) Pure blood. This aristocratic girl has narrow brown eyes that are like two acorns. Her luxurious, straight, vermillion hair is worn in a style that reminds one of a gush of water. Her wand is made of walnut, figured with geometric patterns, and has a core made of hippogriff bone. She is sharp witted, confident, and skillful when it comes to Transfiguration.


Jonah Atkinson[edit]

5th Year Hufflepuff (Gordon and Dylan's dorm mate). From a long-standing Wizarding family. Nice kid, but almost unnaturally average. Hasn't managed to notice yet that Gordon has to suppress a twitch whenever someone calls him by his first name (Gordon calls him JA), since Jonah is Gordon's father's name.

Oliver Goldsmith[edit]

5th Year Hufflepuff (Gordon and Dylan's dorm mate). Half-blood. Quidditch mad, but has yet to be successful in making the team. Never much of a student, his anxiety over his OWLs is starting to ratchet up. His accent is a strange mix of Caribbean and Scouse, so his dorm-mates find themselves 'translating' on behalf of strangers sometimes.

Reina Green[edit]

5th Year Hufflepuff. Best friend of Hailey. Outsized personality and good at defusing tension. Good at being Flashy, Fair at being Clever and Quick.


Janice Campbell[edit]

Fifth-Year. Roommate of Hailey, but Hailey has little affection for her. Gryffindor's best Fifth-Year at potions.

Amber Norwood[edit]

Fifth-Year. Roommate of Hailey, very much into quidditch and causing trouble. Good at being Sneaky, Fair at being Clever and Quick.

Ruba Satty[edit]

Fifth-Year: Flying instructor student assistant.

Ginny Weasley[edit]

Seventh-Year. Gryffindor's premiere Chaser, and the beau of Harry Potter.

Richard Wellbrook[edit]

Sixth-Year. Friend of Hailey, enamored of Reina Green, Protector of the downtrodden and children. Good at being Forceful, Fair at being Flashy and Quick.

Hogwarts Teachers and Staff[edit]

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall[edit]

Hogwarts headmistress, former Gryffindor Head of House and Transfiguration instructor.

Professor Horace Slughorn[edit]

Head of Slytherin house and Deputy Headmaster; Potions Master and instructor.

Professor Filius Flitwick[edit]

Head of Ravenclaw house. Charms instructor. Dueling Master.

Professor Pomona Sprout[edit]

Head of Hufflepuff house. Herbology instructor.


Head of Gryffindor house. Transfiguration instructor (?).


Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. (Head of Gryffindor house?)

Professor Bathsheda Babbling[edit]

Instructor of Ancient Runes. Attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor house.

Professor Cuthbert Binns[edit]

Deceased (ghost). History of Magic instructor.

Professor Rubeus Hagrid[edit]

Care of Magical Creatures instructor. Attended Hogwarts and sorted into Gryffindor house, but expelled under false pretenses.

Professor Aurora Sinistra[edit]

Astronomy instructor. Attended Uagadou.

Professor Sybill Trelawney[edit]

Divination instructor. Attended Hogwarts and sorted into Ravenclaw house.

Professor Septima Vector[edit]

Arithmancy instructor. Attended Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin house.

Madam Rolanda Hooch[edit]

Flying Instructor, Quidditch referee and coach. Attended Hogwarts and sorted into Ravenclaw house.

Madam Irma Pince[edit]

Hogwarts Head Librarian. Attended Hogwarts and sorted into Hufflepuff house.

Madam Poppy Pomfrey[edit]

Hogwarts Matron and head nurse.

(Aspect) Triage is heartbreaking

Uagadou Teachers and Staff[edit]

Nsaba Bigombe[edit]

DADA Professor and Dueling Master at Uagadou. Ugandan.

Miscellaneous Adults[edit]

PC's Relatives[edit]

Dominic Lyall Boot[edit]

Amycus' father, descended from Webster Boot, brother of Terry Boot's father. Ravenclaw Seeker in 1979. Well known academic on ancient magical anthropology and paleontology.

Alphonse Valentino La Croix[edit]

Sable’s father. Owner of La Croix’s Elixirs & Libations, New Orleans and the La Croix Family Distillery, Martinique. (Played by Idris Elba)

Mairead Morganach[edit]

Amycus' mother, local Scottish Witch, known for eccentricity, former Ravenclaw who met Amycus' father at Hogwarts. Well known academic on ancient magical anthropology and paleology, but considered as something of a quack in some circles.

Anthony Perry[edit]

Handsome and bold Quodpot player for the Malvern Manticores. Broke with family tradition and was sorted into Gryffindor where he excelled athletically at the expense of his studies. (Played by Noah Fleiss)

Evander Perry[edit]

Dylan's father. Thoughtful and introspective, he is the proprietor of Perry's Magical Timepieces, an old and well-established business in Diagon Alley. Former Ravenclaw. (Played by Reed Diamond)

Delphina Picquery-La Croix[edit]

Sable’s mother. MACUSA Ambassador to the Ministry of Magic. (Played by Angela Basset)

Lucy Ritter[edit]

Dylan's mother. Former Hufflepuff, known to be a talented Witch in her time at school she settled down to raise a family after graduation. Mildly infamous for dancing whilst wreathed in magical flame during a school party. Her time as a socialite and homemaker was interrupted by her temporary exile from the country during the Second Wizarding War. (Played by Amie Duffy)

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