Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah

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Atlictoatl's character in kairos' Dark Matter campaign (IC & OOC).

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Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah[edit]

  • Description: copper skin, mischievous green eyes with flecks of gold, painted nails, northern african robes (fancy), typically carrying a book, scroll, or musical instrument
  • Goal: Follow my work into the stars, planet by planet, to ignite humanity's passion for unification.
  • Level: 1


  • Sector's Greatest Artist: In any medium (visual, sound, prose, installation, performance, technologic), Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah's works conjure a depth of emotion unlike anything the consumer has previously experienced.
  • A Name Worthy of Knowing: Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah's name and his music, art, and texts are celebrated on any planet that participates in interstellar trade. As a result, he is known throughout the sector, and his numerous patrons can be found in unexpected places.
  • Champion of Humanity's Spirit: In response to the dominance of technology and science on most of the worlds of human expansion, Taimur Ilyas al-Sabtah espouses the power of the human soul, spirit, and emotion. His art and the philosophy behind it serves as a reminder of humanity's resilience and ability to overcome any obstacle through passion, perseverance, and the depth and wisdom of the human soul. This makes him a favorite philosopher of insurrectionist movements across human worlds, and decidedly less popular amongst those less interested in egalitarian ideals.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Score 13 16 13 14 16 16
Modifier +1 +2 +1 +1 +2 +2
Check 8 5 8 7 5 5


Luck 1d20:

Total Free
Effort 2 2
Influence 2 2 Earned per Month
Dominion 0 0 0
Wealth 0

Saving Throws[edit]

Base Mod Armor Penalty Final Save
Hardiness 15 -1 14
Evasion 15 -2 13
Spirit 15 -2 13

Hit Points[edit]

Current Maximum
9 9


  • AC: 1 (Unmarred Beneficence, Dexterity) If a misfortune lands randomly on a member of the group, Taimur is never the victim of it.
  • Type: Luck
  • Shield:
  • Description:
  • Saving Throw Penalty:
    • Hardiness
    • Evasion
    • Spirit


  • BAB: +3 with Dexterity/Charisma/Wisdom attacks, +2 with Strength/Constitution/Intelligence attacks
  • Fray Die: d8
Description Attribute Attack Bonus Damage
Luck attacks Charisma +3 1d10+2
Unarmed Dexterity +3 1d2+2

Words and Divine Gifts[edit]

  • Words
    • Deception: Heroes gifted in the Luck Word may roll 1d20 once a day. At any time during that day, they may replace their own or someone else’s 1d20 roll with the one in reserve. They can only replace a roll once per day.
    • Luck: Set Charisma to 16
    • Passion: Heroes with the Word of Passion are blessed with grace and an understanding of the heart. Set Wisdom to 16.
  • Divine Gifts
    • Unmarred Beneficence (Constant, Lesser): The hero has a natural AC of 3, luckily avoiding perils. If a misfortune lands randomly on a member of their group, they’re never the victim of it. This base AC isn't improved by armor or shields.
    • Deceiver's Unblinking Eye (Constant, Lesser): You can always tell when someone’s trying to lie to you or deceive you. You can see through mortal illusions and disguises. This gift does not affect other Godbound with the Deception Word.
    • The World Against You (On Turn, Effort, Lesser): Commit Effort. The hero becomes able to use luck as a weapon with a range of 100 feet, inflicting sudden and wildly-improbable calamities on a foe with normal attack rolls. When used to attack, damage is 1d10+2 and treated as a magic weapon. The source of this incredible bad luck is not perceptible to mortal onlookers or non-supernatural beings.
    • Shadow Play (Action, Effort, Lesser): You can create perfect illusions in sound, smell, and seeming, though they are intangible to the touch. The illusion appears anywhere within sight, can be up to 30 feet in diameter, and can be made to move and seem lifelike without further attention so long as Effort remains committed to them. Invisibility is not an illusion.
    • A Song Buried Deep (Action, Effort/day, Greater): Commit Effort for the day and choose a phrase, passage of music, image, or person in your presence. At a time or context of your choosing, the sight or experience of that subject unleashes the effects of a Banner of Passion on all present. You can define the context as precisely as you wish and choose the Banner's effects and focus beforehand. The maximum range of this effect is one mile per level of the Godbound. Note that the effects apply to any matching phrase, music, or image; if the Godbound uses this power on a nation's battle flag and bids it trigger for friendly soldiers when facing combat, every allied military unit within miles will be affected provided they've got a matching battle flag. If the Godbound imbues a traditional greeting with the passion, then every person who hears the greeting will be affected.

XP and Dominion Log[edit]