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TMNT Characters[edit]

Stick Skydancer
acrobatic langur
played by brahnamin
Racial Abilities: Enhanced Agility, Adaptable (bonus edge), Wall-Walker
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear Super Powers
Agility d8 Pace: 6" Athletics d8 $500 Leaping (Bounce, Frenzy From Above)
Jump 32" vertical, 64" horizontal. Can scale heights by bouncing between surfaces.
Wild attacks at +4 as long as there is room to maneuver
Smarts d6 Parry: 6 Common Knowledge d6 Dodge
Ranged attacks subtract 3
Spirit d10 Toughness: 5 Fighting d8 Fearless
Immune to fear
Strength d6 Bennies: 3 Focus d10 Monkey Tongue
Speak all languages
Vigor d6 Notice d6 Hypermetabolism
Focus roll to heal 1 wound every round, 2 on a raise
Edges Hindrances Persuasion d8 See All Evil/Hear All Evil
Can read fine print a mile away, -1 to range penalties
Ignores Dim and Dark lightning penalties
Can hear a whisper a mile away, +2 on hearing-based Notice rolls
AB: Super Powers Outsider Stealth d8 Spider-Monkey Senses
Can sense living things within 1 mile
Charismatic Awkward Shape Prehensile Tail
Functions as an extra hand
Can't Swim
Elizabeth "Bean" Williams
gadgeteer squirrel
played by Shadowsaint007
Racial Abilities: Enhanced Agility, Fleet-Footed, Bite
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear Super Powers
Agility d6 Pace: 6" Athletics d6 $500 Dodge
Ranged attacks subtract 2
Smarts d10 Parry: 4 Common Knowledge d4 Genius
Reroll on all Smarts-based trait rolls
Spirit d6 Toughness: 4 Driving d6 Leaping
Jump 4" vertical, 8" horizontal
Strength d4 Bennies: 3 Electronics d6 Super Skills
Electronics, Hacking, Research, Science, Thievery +1
Vigor d6 Hacking d6 Super Attribute
Smarts +1
Edges Hindrances Notice d8 Super Science
Spend a benny for a power stunt based on any power.
On a critical failure, gadget explodes for 3d6 damage in MBT.
AB: Super Powers Outsider Persuasion d4 Flash-Bangs (Blind)
Athletics vs Vigor to blind (-2 to visual rolls, -4 w/raise, Vigor roll at the end of each round to reduce penalty by 2).
Device (bandoleer of grenades)
Mr. Fixit Awkward Shape Piloting d4 Gunk Bombs (Entangle)
Athletics vs Athletics to entangle (bind on a raise). Break free at -2, Toughness 12.
Device (bandoleer of grenades)
Heroic Repair d8 Plasma Pistol (Ranged Attack)
Range 12/24/48, damage 3d6.
Uses Shooting skill; cannot do nonlethal attacks. Device (pistol)
Loyal Research d4
Quirk: Easily Distracted Science d10
Shooting d6
Stealth d4
Taunt d4
Thievery d4


Character Name,
species role
played by Player
Racial Abilities: Adaptable (bonus edge)
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear Super Powers
Agility d6 Pace: 6" Athletics d4 gear Power 1
Smarts d6 Parry: 4 Common Knowledge d4 gear Power 1
Spirit d6 Toughness: 7 (2) Fighting d4 gear Power 1
Strength d6 Bennies: 3 Healing d6 gear Power 1
Vigor d6 Intimidation d4 gear Power 1
Edges Hindrances Notice d6 gear
AB: Super Powers Outsider Occult d6 gear
Edge2 Awkward Shape Persuasion d6 $445
Edge3 Heroic Research d4
Edge 4 Spellcasting d8
Edge 5 Stealth d6
Survival d8
General Hogarth Patron and advisor
GeneralHogarth.jpg Edges: Connections (US military)
Hindrances: Loyal, Slow (major)
Aspect Invoke Compel
High Concept
-- --
-- --
-- --
aspect -- --
aspect -- --
aspect -- --
Skills and Stunts
Skills Stunts
Great (+4) skill Stunt 1 Effect
Good (+3) skill, skill Stunt 2 Effect
Fair (+2) skill, skill, skill Stunt 3 Effect
Average (+1) skill, skill, skill, skill

Name Description Notable Edges/Hindrances Notable Traits
Race, job Bloodthirsty, Alertness Stealth d12

Character Name,
played by X
Racial Abilities: X1, X2, X3
Attributes Derived Stats Skills Gear
Agility d6 Pace: 6" d6
Smarts d6 Parry: 5 d6
Spirit d6 Toughness: 5 d6
Strength d6 Bennies: 3 d6
Vigor d6 d6
Edges Hindrances d6
Edge1 Hind1 d6
Edge2 Hind2 d6
Edge3 Hind3 d6