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Alternative to Healing Surge: "Heroic Surge"

Alternative to Martial Power or 'Exploit': "(Martial) Maneuver" or "Limited Use Feat" ie Encounter Feat or Daily Feat -- TonyVargas

"Heroic Surge" sounds good.
The term "feat" is already used, if we start calling "powers" the same as "feats" we'll just confuse everyone. I think calling them "powers" is no copyright issue, after all the d20srd includes "psionic powers". But I'm not a big fan of calling everything "power", except when a class-neutral term is needed. I prefer martial maneuvers, arcane spells, divine prayers, and, well, psionic powers. Mhh, not sure about primal... --4SRD 18:08, 13 April 2012 (PDT)