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Deleted Table[edit]

Removed the following table bacause nobody was maintaining it and it made the event looked less planned or advanced than it really is. If someone wants to put it back and maintain it, that would be fine. -- Mechante Anemone Sunday October 22, 2006.

Deleted table:

these are the games what we're working on getting confirmed
Role-playing Games Board Games Card Games Miniature Games Other Events
Terran Trade Authority (OMNI System)  ???  ??? ???  ???
True 20  ???  ??? ???  ???
Crossroads  ???  ??? ???  ???
Hollow Earth Expedition  ???  ??? ???  ???

Games Quarterly Contact Info[edit]

Moved from front page; should probably be in the Database section of the discussion group instead? -- Mechante Anemone Tuesday November 7, 2006.

Games Quarterly
Primary Contact: Chris at 303-469-3277 or
Monday - Friday, 9am to 4pm Mountain Time
Games Quarterly, Matthews Simmons Marketing, 80 Garden Center, Suite 116, Broomfield, CO 80020, Fax: 303-468-6174


Removed Eos Press for now, until we have a firm commitment. Mechante_Anemone, Thursday Nov. 9, 2006.

  • Eos Press, publishers of Weapons of the Gods, Godlike, Delta Green, Creatures & Cultists, and the upcoming Unhallowed Metropolis