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(From a posting by Igtenio on Fantasy Flight Games' official Horizon message board.)

Terminology Change[edit]

No more Plant, Ooze, Vermin(AKA D&D terms), etc Types. ALL beings are one of the following:

Construct: A Sleeper created by a User or other Program.

Worm: A naturally occuring Virus which takes the place of Ooze, Plant, and Vermin types. Is often the cause of and caused by a glitch in the system.

Corrupt: A program which was Discorporated, attempted to be restored from a Backup but failed. Can also be a Program which is taken over by certain types of Microviruses which destroy then imitate the host. Takes the place of Undead Template.

Virus: Any Creature or Agent directly or made by proxy by a Progenitor Virus. Is any Hostile program that was not created by a User. Can be detected by Detect Virus. Note that many beings are Viruses which are either mindless, or naturally occuring due to Progenitor Virus or Proxy influence. The line between Worm and Virus is typically a blurred one. The best rule of thumb, when determining if a certain creature is a Worm or Virus, is to determine if the proximity or actions of a Progenitor or Proxy would create it. If it would, it's a Virus. If the creature would've come into existance despite the influence, it's a Worm.

Infected: Any existing Program which is taken over by a Virus. This may lead to the Program losing control and becoming nothing but a puppet, or the Program willingly being Infected to gain other abilities. Note that Razors are NOT nessarily Infected; they can be, but many are kept clean.

Weapon Types[edit]

Old New
Silver Linux

Linux: Some weapons contain Linux coding, even on other OS systems. When applied to a weapon, Linux Weapons allow them to cause additional damage to certain creatures. Linux Weapons, Armor, and Items also carry the benefit of being counted as one quality higher when determining if it works on a certain System if the System is running Linux.

Sleepers & Dreamers[edit]

Emergent Apps – Wilderness Lifeforms[edit]

  • Lower-level products of progenitor viruses?
  • Loose viruses or security programs?
  • Un-used programs lurking un-deleted on people’s hard drives?

--IMAGinES 18:43, 12 Jun 2005 (PDT)