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Feel free to say Hi. Tolknor

James and Eric are in the Central Time Zone. 3 hours ahead of me in the pst.

Just kidding. He is a Corsican.

This is the original Special Source Auction for First Wavers.

Special Knowledge Sources. A game on gave me an idea about this and i like it.

Special Knowledge Sources Final List.

No more then 20 pips can be bid in the special auctions. A player may bid on up to 3 of them. Points bid will give you some standing in each source, but to a greater or lesser degree depending on who wins each auction.

1-Dworkin rambled too much In the post-Patternfall realm of Amber, Dworkin is mostly sane, as any talkative and all-knowing grandfather can be, and delighted to know his grandchildren. He often is willing to sit and talk about the good ole days. The player who wins this source will be a favorite of Dworkin's who can cozen up to him for tidbits he won't tell others. Players who invest in Amber devotes and allies will not get Dworkin. In post Patternfall Amber Dworkin is a mostly sane, and frequent pressence, as well as being the elders grandfather. He has a great interest in the young people coming into Amber and knows a lot about each of them. What he's willing to tell is the trick. He is extremely closed mouth.

2-Constables of Amber The City of Amber and its surrounding regions are overseen by the Constabulary. The player who receives this source can either be the Constable of Amber or have the Constables of Amber be a great friends. Always willing to take your side in a legal issue. Here is the guy that can always fix your parking tickets.

3-Court Position and Court Ally The person with this source will have a key position in the Court of Amber and have a key Court senior as his personal ally. Ally could include Urian Hymel-Seneschal of Amber. The difference between this and the regular court ally is the rank of the individual.

4-Librarian of Amber The Library of Amber is massive. Immense, on a shadow spanning scale. The books in the castle are just a start. The player who gains this source has at his beck and call the Librarian of Amber who will know more random details then google, yahoo, and webcrawler combined.

5-High Church Position The person who gains this source can either be a high church official or have one available on a moments notice. This is specifically for a player who wants to play a character activly involved in Amber church politics.

6-Secret Power Source Ssshhhh... its a secret.

7-Devoted Cult Following The Amber Cults are an embarrassment to the royalty and nobility of Chaos as they nurse their wounds over losing the Black Road and Paternfall War. Outlawing them just drove them underground and made them more popular. The player who bids this source will quickly, if not immediately, develop a large Cult following in the Courts of Chaos. If this is a Chaoasian player with roots in Amber it could be a very large force of disaffected Chaosians. Or it could be Chaosians looking to expand into the shadowlands.

8-Primal Creature The unicorn. The Bear. The Tree Ygg. The Serpent. The player who wins this source will have such a creature become enamored of them. No promises on which one. Every creature type develops an archetype. However, rest assured, i won't make your creature the Primal Banana Slug. (It lives in coastal California anyways)

9-Paramount Talent This source is a natural nearly unparalleled skill. Skills would be agreed on but might include an extraordinary skill at musical performance & Composition. Like Mozart. Cooking; A natural understanding what tastes good together and how to prepare it perfectly. Sculptor or artisan. A person could be an extraordinary painter, though they still have to spend the same amount to create trumps.

10-Linguist While all amberites learn languages fairly easily this source would make the player able to speak almost like a native to any normally conversant creatures. With time and exposure he might speak to animals in some manner as well

I am not sure yet how to run the special auctions. I am looking at two methods. Player spends points and if they fail to get the source regain them to allocate elsewhere. Players spend points and if they don't get the source get part of the source. An amount less then the source winner. This might manifest as a small cult following, a less then devoted primal creature, a lower church ranking, or a less talkative Dworkin. comments? Players are not required to bid in the special knowledge auction.