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LOCKED GORT 15:34, 14 May 2011 (UTC)


The following games have disappeared from the web. If you find a public link, please replace them on the list and remove them from here:

Scenario Genre Authors Size Price Access
[short•sharp] Shock• Therapy Psychotherapy James O'Rance 5 Free Download
Battlestar Galactica: The Black Corridor Battlestar Galactica Rob Nott 18 Free Download
A Birthday Surprise Murder mystery Gordon Dean 10-14 Free Download
Bitter Tears at Sad Mary's Bar and Girl Over the Edge Scott Beattie & Tonia Walden 10 Free Download
The Curse of Whately Manor Cthulhu Frank Branham 12 Free View
Lord Dawn's Tea Party Apocalyptic weirdness Portal Games 11-13 Free View
Much Ado about Something Shakespeare Alan Schwartz 8-14 Free Download
Olympia WWII fundraiser mystery Dave Howell 14 Free View
Reality Bites Vampire cyberpunk Richard Nagle 19 Free Download
Six Stones Fantasy Sam Chupp 15 Free Download
The Battle for the Soul of the Republican Party Political satire John Corrado Jr and others 31 Free Download
Beneath a Harvest Moon Industrial fairytale Scott Beattie 20 Free Download
Ferret Furore Wildlife management Scott Beattie 20 Free Download
Horror at Bradley Manor Gothic horror Louise Parker & Tonia Walden 20-26 Free Download
New World Disorder Illuminati Jason Simes & Shane Clements 25 Free Download
Red Sunset Vampire James O'Rance 20 Free Downloads 1 2 3 4
Very Bad Things Soap opera farce James O'Rance 21 Free Downloads 1 2
Vouloir, C'est Pouvoir Musketeers Louise Parker & Tonia Walden 20 Free Download
A House Divided Modern gangsters Spymasters 47 Free View
City of Blood and Darkness Planescape James O'Rance 40 Free Download
Clandestyne by Gaslight Victorian fantasy James O'Rance 40 Free Download
Dead Man's Party (Vincent Throws a Kegger) Horror mashup Paul Dwyer, Stephanie & Gordon Olmstead-Dean 50 Free Download
The Door to Everywhere Planescape James O'Rance 60 Free Download 1, 2, & 3
Immortal Sins Fantasy gods James O'Rance 40+ Free Download
Soap Opera: The Freeform Crazy soap Benjamin Kemp 41 Free Download
Harry Potter Year 7: Hogwarts Under Seige Harry Potter Jake Beal, Andrew Menard, Ariel Segall, Emily Rosser, Paul Weaver, Paul Baranay 54 Free Read