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D&D vs Eberron[edit]

So is there a reason that Eberron is listed here separately from D&D?

It's a subheading under D&D, much like Mage is listed under nWoD. ---Shisumo no Shiryo 22:04, 1 August 2007 (PDT)

D&D vs Everything[edit]

I own a lot of d20-based games that aren't clearly Dungeons and Dragons - Spycraft 2.0, for example. Should I file them under D&D and, if so, should the category be renamed to 'd20' with a 'D&D' subheading?

No, other games get put separately. It's not like World of Darkness, where each is a different focus in the same setting, they're distinct games that just happen to have mostly the same rules.