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Alvah and Spatchi sitting together in the quarters of Alvah drinking and eating some after a hard last day of studying and training. Alvah looks at her friend. Who is also her elite assigned to protect her but she considers Spatchi more a friend.
“So tomorrow we move to shadow.. Still feeling up for starting that cantina together? You know at a point it is going to become more then that right?”

Spatchi looks up from her drink “I better be ready. I am mixing up the recipes for Carne en su Jugo, Tamales Oaxaqueños, and Coffee Ground Fertilizers. As for things developing, Well, things progress as they do. It is only natural that we would gather certain people and types around us. But it is then important to know what this specific shadow brings. Like political system. How are crimes being punished and dealt with. What is the rest of the economics. Ae people going to leap the fences and climb on the roof to steal from my gardens? ”

Alvah groans hearing Spatchi, knowing full well she is right and these things are important “Ugh right the boring stuff. Yeah guess you are right and that needs to be set as well. “
Spatchi holds up her glass pointing as if making a point
“Like Vek had said to you right? No machine gun wielding monkeys riding on dino’s or any political or otherwise social form of it.”

Pouring both glasses for Spatchi and herself Alvah then starts.
“Alright. Call me a hippie but I do like the idea of universal income. It just makes sure no one will go hungry everyone has chances to do or become what they want to be. So with that an open education system. Because if people can become what they want to be and not what they can be makes happier people. Happier people makes less prone to war or other griefances. “

Alvah looks up to Spatchi with a grin. “Something like that?”
Spatchi nods “After doing some reading I don't see the problem with hippies? Universal income means less people running out on the bill. You can look at a lot they do here in Vulsara. Although the shadow won’t be high tech you can implement a lot of social structures. IN shadowshifting thinking of a Vulsar style culture isn't terrible but it isn't very Mexican either. Aim for more Mexican and Less Vulsar.“

Alvah then says “Well since there is universal income, I think that it is important that people at least once in their lives give back to the community, and that can be in different forms which would fit the person best. But in that way some people might decide to keep working in that area. Just to keep people in touch with their humanity inside and that way a better sense of community might be created. Now crimes would still exist we cannot be the only thieves around there. That would stand out! “ She lets out a chuckle.
“So a correction system must be in place as well. I think for lower crimes community services for higher crimes community services while being detained. But no inhumane treatments. Now political system… I really have no strong ideas about that. But what we can do is a kingdom still. But the royalty would not be the active ruling body. That would be a democratic system where parties and people are chosen from every area, land, city, whatever to represent and have a voice within the decision making.

No one can serve longer in politics then 6 years after that only a supporting role could be fulfilled and would be of no decision making. That way you can’t have people performing to much backstabbing and politics to keep themselves within power. And create a gathering.”

Alvah sighs and sits back downing her drink in one go. Pouring another glass she then grins at Spatchi
“That would be it right? I don't know if you can shift shadow that quickly. I was thinking blue skies are important, and a mixture of fresh and salt water systems. Without salt water oceans I can't make Salt Crusted fish.“

Spatchi thinks for a moment considering what has been said or decided.
“So the people what would they be like?”

“I don’t know, people. Human enough. Since it is going to probably be in the Azcalan sway the people are going to be more like there.
But I don’t want the religion to be immense like in Zictla for example. Just a bit loser like easy going pagans. Festivals, celebrations can be done in honor of things. But no bloody sacrifices, food perhaps at most. But I think dance and music should be a high factor within that world. More catholic, less Aztec? More cathedrals then Pyramids. An earth mother goddess religion rather then your mother is goddess religion then? ”

Spatchi looks at Alvah for a while.
“Why do you want it to be in the Azcalan sway? You can make this anywhere really. I took a course in 'Shadow Mechanics for non-shadowwalkers'. You know the closer we are to Azcala the more likely the relatives will drop by.”

Alvah stands up and stretches looking at her hands holding her glass. Without looking to Spatchi she sighs and begins soft.

“Well, to be honest. I miss it. And it is kind of what we were going for , but it fits there as well. Actually it fits way better. The food, the culture. physical features of people and the land. “

Turning to Spatchi she leans against a wall.

“I’ve never felt home in shadow with Delwin. I always was looking for something. In Amber the same thing. It is just not me. I feel there as a guest in a strangers place. Even if I’m from the blood most of the people I have nothing with and the land does not speak to me. “

She turns again to take a few steps through the room. Looking down she continues
“When I arrived with my mother at her place. Other then her tricks she pulled right away, it felt so much more familiar. It felt so much more like home. Now I know I can’t be home with my mother. She is batshit crazy and her plans with me are…. dangerous. I think I don’t think I know most of them. I am not going to Zictla because I think Zentalas and Zictalas would really like to see me on the altar. I can’t stay in Untola either.”

A sigh ,like a wonderful memory came over her.
“It was great there. No bloodshed. We were just having a blast. But the people were afraid still of the gods. And that is something I really don’t like. Fear might be strong but it is fleeting. Fear diminishes people. But when I was dancing and singing with the children and healing the sick with Vek. The lightness of the air the cheer and joy that came over it was great. Now it did nothing for power… but who cares. “

Alvah then turns quickly and laughs
“Just because I feel at home there. That is why there. And why at the beach. Well if we place a smaller harbor nearby I’m sure locals could have jobs as fishermen as well. Further in the land crops will be grown. Cattle might be kept at the edges of town. So there we have fresh and local produced food. Good for economics and the fresher the goods to work with the better the food right.”

“Ok, so that's the why. Lets think of the whats. We want a place near the water. Maybe even on the water. It would be nice to have a patio for diners and have a dock to walk out and fish. I took a learning course on small ship fishing and charter business. If we had a dock we could rent spaces to charter fishing ships. Good tourist trade. Get a charter company with a few ships, we split the fish take. Butcher and filet fish for the tourist and charter guests, we keep the bulk of it. Maybe even sponsor a couple shrimp and crab boats.

“So....we find a place on the water, JUST outside the normal tourist areas, a bit impoverished and run down. Basic Income is basic after all and a lot of people will want more then basic. Esopecially with big families. IF we sponsor a couple carter boats, a couple shrimping boats, a couple crab boats, we get a regular supply of good food that will build a reputation. WE get the boats in time, but we need a place with dock space.”

“We need a good inside dining area and a lot of kitchen area but we also need garden space. I'm thinking a large roof top garden. As well as herbs and florals inside that can be harvested for eating and cooking.”

Arriving in[edit]