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A tiny limited system or Squiggle.. but it grows. Telwas.jpg This squiggle is mostly a refuge. It has no major cities and few communities larger then regional towns, hamlets, and villages. it is something akin to a realm of farmsteads and parklands and monuments divided by woodlands, softly rolling hills, streams, and field breaks. There are roadways that are little more then cobblestones and dirt paths, bordered on either side by windbreak treelines. There are regular and mild weather systems with a moderate climate. There are several large bodies of water but few are larger then one of the great lakes.


Talwas is an agrarian squiggle.

Once one assays the squiggle they are granted a Parcel. One enters the squiggle with a mentally prepared image of what it would be. It will not allow itself to be walked without a clear image in mind of the walker. The Parcel is square and can be as small as a couple dozen feet to several miles on each side. There are several extremely large plantations or Stations. The large parcels belong to someone acclaimed a Lord by the squiggle itself.

The Talwas Stakeholder has a great deal of control over plant growth within their parcel. They can speed growth up to 10 times the normal rate of growth for any plant. Nearly any plant may be imported. Native plants can be easily transplanted. They can encourage a plant to bloom and produce fruit faster. They can cause plants to wither. They can cause certain native plants to grow even more rapidly.


Many stakeholders entered the squiggle with an image of a monument of importance to them and in most cases the squiggle allowed their parcel to generate a replica.


Native Plants[edit]

  • Agatira Trees

The are a grafting tree. Grafts of fruits can be added and the tree will grow them from then on. A tree may have up to a dozen fruits of similar natures.

  • Trucktin Trees

Truncktin trees are found throughout many of the center shadows including Mandalay. Breeds of the tree have a wood similar in structure and flavor to hickory, apple, maple, cherry, red and white and green oak. It grows a think center trunk as wide as 20' and with regular branches growing from the ground outward as thick as 4' think. The branches grow to 30' feet when they tend to dry quickly and drop off in a state suitable for woodworking and burning. This provides the vast quantities of burnable wood in a realm that has a lot of homes heated by wood.

Grafted and exotic Trucktin Trees. Nearly any type of wood tree can be grafted into a sapling of the Trucktin. They will then often grow in the Trucktin style in the grafted wood. Popular grafted Trucktin woods are Ebony, Teak, Polar, Walnut, and Galain.

Trucktins fruit poorly, even in Talwas, but seed grafted trees like walnut, pine, chestnut, do well.

Trucktin Trees can be cut off at the base of the grown trunk to harvest construction grade wood. The exposed trunk will then begin growing normally.

  • Gray Grass

Gray grass, or Grasa, is a quick growing grass reaching about meter in height. It is a broad leaf grass suitable for weaving, thatching, animal fodder, and other uses. It grows easily, flowers every month, and is heavy with seed. Grasa seed is a popular seed for flours, and seed cakes and toppings.

Tower of Talwas[edit]

There is a single mountainous structure similar to Sigiriya Rock.[[1]] In the palace on top is the hall of the squiggle, and the Sorcerers that protect it.


Lords of Talwas[edit]

The squiggle itself declares on a lord during a passage through the squiggle. There is no official council or governing body though there is a conclave area for gatherings. The Conclave of Talwas nearly always has people at it and there is almost always a rich supply of foods and drink produced in the realm.

Talwas Fair[edit]

The Talwas Fair are roving collections of wagons, vagabonds, performers and roustabouts that travel the roads of Talwas. A mixture of carnival, farmers markets, news services, entertainments, and regional commerce.

History of Talwas[edit]

Powers of Talwas and Talwas Sorcery[edit]

The squiggle of Talwas is a sentient and active inscription. It will not allow people to assay it against its permission. It choses if someone, access it with Advanced powers. It offers a Lord's Imprint when i chooses.

  • (10) pip Basic Imprint. Frame can hold 4 minor non-offensive spells. 2 Minor Spells and 1 Major Spell. This imprint is only worn by those born in Talwas. It is granted when their parents present the newborn to the Squiggle to regard it.
  • 20 (10 Granted)pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 8 minor non-offensive spells. 4 Minor Spells and 2 Major Spell.
  • 40 (20 Granted)pip Lord's Imprint. Frame can hold 12 minor non-offensive spells. 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell

Outside Talwas the Frame of Talwas hold half as many spells as they do in realm. The Talwas imprint can not empower trumps.