Tancred Hawksman

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Tancred Hawksman





Description:Large, red haired, fond of green.


  • Hunting, Fishing, taxidermy, stamp collecting, coin collecting.



Total:100 = 52 Stats+10(50) Powers{c}+30 Companions+6 Items +1/-1 allies/Enemies -2 Stuff+2 Shadow

Statistics {52}[edit]

  • Psyche:2
  • Strength:30
  • Endurance:15
  • Warfare:5

Powers {10}[edit]

  • (50) Pattern
  • 10 Power Words

Skills {}[edit]

  • Hunting related skills
  • Fishing Related Skills
  • Seamanship
  • horsemanship
  • Wilderness survival. Woodcraft
  • Blacksmithing
  • Woodwork. Carving.
  • Butchering animals.

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]


  • 1 Vek Hendrake, a Chaos Lord fond of hunting, fishing, taxidermy, mountain-man style living.


  • 1 Vasnir, a Chaos Lord who hates Vek and by association, Tancred.




  • 2 Chaos Vitality
  • 2 double speed
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 2 Combat Reflexes
  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 2 Double Damage
  • 2 Speak & sing
  • 2 rapid heal
  • 2 Follow Shadow Path

Total 20


  • 2 Chaos Vitality
  • 2 Double Speed.
  • 2 Combat Reflexes


  • 1 Vs Weapons
  • 1 Combat Training
  • 2 Regeneration.

Lives on Hasnin

Items {32}[edit]


Cavalry Blade.jpg

  • Mithril Blade
  • A thin, curved, familiar saber.
  • 2} Double Speed
  • 4} Deadly Damage

Total 6


Modern crossbow



  • 1 Personal Shadow
  • 1 Contents
  • 2 Time Control: 60 to 1

Hasnin is a lush green world filled with deep primeval forests, lush tropical islands,and other stuff. It has a population of humans close to a billion but most are focused around urban centers. Technologically its around 1900.

The world has a large number of dangerous normal an animals. Large bears, Elk, Stags, sharks. The world he sought was one with great hunting and fishing. There is a race like the native American Indians in the world, mostly the high country, but they don't have the violent history native Americans had on our earth.

Tancred has a fort estate high in the mountains with a small population of people who didn't want to live "down below". Several forts clustered together for mutual protection from dangerous beasts. Fort Tancred.jpg


  • -2 Bad Stuff


A son of Dalt raised in Eregenor. A hunter, soldier, mercenary. Grew up with Dalt's hatred of Amber. Trained in many worlds including earth style worlds, having joined an earth Army with Dalt. After the Black Road War Tancred soured on his fathers hatred of Amber and went his own way and did not see his father again till after Merlin's adventures. Sought out Amber on his own in the hope of making his own opinions about the place. Now in Amber he knows he is not trusted but also that his own actions must prove him worth of their trust. (How he walked the pattern i don't know. However Dalt did probably)