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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • Range: 10'
  • Duration: instantaneous
  • This spell instantly transports the caster or another individual creature any distance to any known place the caster can visualize. The transported creature arrives at ground level in any suitable open place. The chance of arriving safely at the aiming point depends on how carefully the caster has studied the area. Casual knowledge means the caster has been there once or twice, or is visualizing the aiming point from descriptions or magic scanning. General knowledge means the caster has been to the area often, or has spent several weeks studying the area magically. Exact knowledge means the caster has made a highly detailed personal study of the aiming point. The chances of success are:
  Knowledge    Success    Too High    Too Low
    Casual      01-50      51-75       76-00
    General     01-80      81-90       91-00
    Exact       01-95      96-99        00
  • A creature arriving too high rolls d10 for the number, in tens of feet, the creature is above the aiming point. If this area is occupied by a solid object, the creature dies instantly. Otherwise, each 10' a creature falls will do 1d6 points of damage on impact. A creature arriving too low has teleported into the ground or other solid object and dies instantly. A creature can never be deliberately teleported too high, too low, or directly into a solid object. An unwilling creature is allowed a saving throw vs. Spells.