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Tellorian "Telly" Frange[edit]

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  • If we have surprise or initiative and the group equals or exceeds the number of party members cast Sleep.
  • If the front line is holding, hang back no more than 30' from melee combatants and toss fray die at weakest looking opponents.
  • If the front line is down, run away and find a hold point to barricade!


Class: Wizard
Level: 2
Experience Points: 2501/ 5000 (+10%)
Total Hit Points: 13 (Heal 1hp/hour) 1st) 4 + 1(con) + 2 (Unquenchable) and 2nd) 3 + 1(con) + 2 (Unquenchable)
Armor Class: 8
Movement: 40/120"
Fray Die: d4


Strength 8 -1 melee, open doors, damage with thrown wpn
Intelligence 18 +3 Languages: Common, Fae, High Tongue, Serpentine
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 14 +1 missiles and armor class, +1 individual initiative
Constitution 13 +1 hp per HD
Charisma 8 -1 reaction rolls, maximum 3 retainers with base 6 morale


Death Ray /Poison 13
Wands 13
Paralysis/Turn to Stone 13
Breath Attacks 16
Rods/Staves/Spells 14


Level 1: (2)
  • Read Magic,
  • Detect Magic
  • Ventriloquism
  • Charm Person
  • Floating Disc (memorized)
  • Sleep (memorized)


Effort: 2

  • Unquenchable Vitality: Your maximum hit points increase by 2 for each level you have. You regain 1 lost hit point every hour.
  • Conjured Ephemera: Commit Effort; you may conjure forth objects up to 500 lbs in weight, albeit not those of special value or precious matter. If the Effort remains committed for 24 hours, the objects are permanent; otherwise they vanish when the Effort is reclaimed. Commit Effort to gain 1 Influence when material goods help.
  • Magical Artificer: You can instantly recognize magic items and magical effects and can identify their function or specifics. You are impervious to cursed items and can commit Effort to resist any particular effect created by a magic item or permanent magical effect. The Effort returns after a night’s rest.


  • CP:
  • SP: 1
  • EP:
  • GP:
  • PP: 27
Belt Pouch
  • Weapon: Dagger+1


Spell Book
5 oil flasks (10/30/50 range increments)
6 torches
1 week unpreserved rations
1 week preserved rations
2 wineskins
3 Quill Pens
Flint and Steel
10 sheets Paper


High Tongue


Tellorian (Telly to his friends) was born in Diyun. He was trained by the Diyun Mage's Guild and has just graduated. He has a talent for creating new materials.