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The Envoy[edit]

Looks: Masculine, Striking face, Arresting eyes, Angular body


   Force: +1
   Lore: -1
   Steel: +1
   Sway: +1


   [ ] Cosmetic Wounds
   [ ] Angry
   [ ] Shell-Shocked (-1 Steel)
   [ ] Bleeding (-1 Lore)
   [ ] Dead


The Black Dossier Like all successful politicians, you know how to exploit the weakness of others. When you use someone’s shameful or illicit secrets as leverage, one of the requirements they pick for Find Common Ground must be “you promise to keep the secret hidden”.

A Matter of Honour When you win a duel (of swords, riddles, acrobatics, whatever), roll +Sway. On a hit the audience sees you as the correct, or at least most honourable, party; pick one. On a 10+, pick two.

- Your opponent now views you with friendship or respect.

- The audience rewards your display with valuable gifts.

- Someone there offers you a job based on the skills you demonstrated.

Death: Even when you mark your Dead box, you have one more deal to complete. Hand one companion a message or sigil to deliver, and say what the recipient will be obliged to do upon delivery.


Add a tag to a vehicle when you Tool Up. If your family has no vehicles, gain one with land, air, water or void.



_ showed me their family’s secrets in confidence.

Belus will make a good bodyguard.

I suspect _ is stealing my secrets for their family.


   [X] Leader Mark when you promise your Family luxuries if they do what you say. You say how you’ve improved their lot already, GM says what they now expect from you.

"I will bring The People a new source of income."