Tepet Misava

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A Character in House of Bells.


Tepet Misava
Concept:Determined Little Sister
Anima Banner:Swirling Phantasms of cherry and lily blossoms


When you are the younger sister of the famed Roseblack you cannot avoid the comparisions, and it is impossible not to come up short. No stories of being carried in battle, or nursed on the battlefield, no grandfather angered at her mother, no great beginnings. She was born on the family estate and soon given over to nurses to care for. Misava was a bright child, doing well in her lessons, but she was always following a sister who got their first. Eventually Misava gave up trying to follow her sister, and looked for her own path, one that might not have won complete approval from her family, but one that was hers.

She found serenity in the way of the bow, and happiness in the task of making others well.

For most of her childhood she grew up in a House Tepet that was at its best, and only recently has the house's fortunes fallen.

Before the House Legions were destroyed by the Bull of the North there had been talk of sending Misava to the Heptagram or the Spiral Academy, but after their loss to the Bull her fate was the House of Bells. Which made Misava quite happy. The life of a warrior was what she had always wanted, as peaceful as she might have seemed, as cool and detached, her true desire was to follow her sister, to find her own glory on the battle, where skill with a bow would fell her enemy and her ability as a medic would save the soldiers under her.

She might appear detached and cool to others, but in truth she was pleased with her face.


Misava can sometimes appear a little detached, but she is ultimately kind, wanting to be helpful to her family and the Realm.


Misava is a very pretty young lady, with every changing green eyes that reflect the beauty of nature.
Theme Song: Sunday Dress (Dala)
Voice Actress: Aki Toyosaki

Character Sheet[edit]

Essence Die:[edit]



Compassion: D6
Conviction: D10
Temperance: D6
Valor: D8


[D8 or D4+1E]
Serene Archer
Kind Nurse
Determined Little Sister(wood)



Archer (3) D10
Medicine (2) D8
Performance D6
Ride D6
Awareness D6
Lore D6


War D6
Wealth D6
Artifact (2) D8 (Green Jade Power Power)
Breeding (3) D10
Manse D6
Enchanting Features D6
Mentor (2) D8



Archery Excellency (3) D10
Medicine Excellency (2) D8


Dragon-Graced Arrow (Wood): Add a D6 to your attack action pull and step back the highest die in the pool. Step up physical stress inflicted.
Swallow Defends the Nest: Against multiple targets, for every additional target add a D6 and keep an additional effect die.
Harvest of the Hunter: You are able to harvest a number of usable arrows equal to your Archery Excellency die number from any living plant.

Infection Banishing Prana: You may banish infections related to wounds from any person you are capable of touching.

Heaven-Graced Riding Technique: You may grant yourself an extra D6 to use on your next roll involving riding a mount.


Green Jade Power Bow - Guardian of the Greenwood
'Step back the highest die in reaction rolls made to resist attacks from this weapon'

Survival Stone:
Benefit: Spend 1E to ignore stress, trauma and complications stemming from hunger and thirst.
Limit: Shutdown this manse and gain 1E. Recover it after the next story scene.


Don't Try to Stop Me (Conviction)
1XP When She follows through with her desire
3XP + 1 Limit When she ignores good advice to focus on her goal
10XP +1 Limit When she refuses to back down no matter the consequences
Limit Break: Becomes Cold and Cruel in seeking Perfection

In a Sister's Shadow
1XP When she tries to differentiate herself from her sister
3XP When she angrily rejects comparrision to her sister or admits the need to follow her example
10XP When she turns her back on her sister completely or seeks her complete approval