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Joe Henderson[edit]

Played by Andrew Bond

Nickname: "The Wall" Str: 18
Occupation: Decorated WW1 Vet, Drifter, Bouncer Con: 14
Nationality: American Siz: 17
Gender: Male App: 10
Age: 36 (Born Nov 11, 1896) Dex: 15
Height: 6'6" Pow: 12
Weight: 285 lbs Int: 14
Hair Color: Shaved Edu: 14

Joe was a senior at Yale, then left school in the spring of 1917 to join the Army and fight the Hun. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant leading a heavy machine gun platoon. Highly decorated in combat, and seriously wounded numerous times, he has extensive battle scars, shrapnel, gas burns, and psychological trauma. After returning to America he was given $50 and sent on his way. Joe spent the past 13 years drifting, doing odd jobs; mostly as a bouncer and hired muscle.