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I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on anymore. Ever since Katie Flynn was knocked down the stairs, things have become stranger and stranger. Oh, of course, that's not even quite right. I should have said when 'Heather Flynn was knocked down the stairs'. Of the events that have transpired since, I need to try to understand what is important and what is just static.

Medical journal: Important Reverend Scott: Static Katie/Heather Flynn: Unclear Seelie: Important Purple Gang: Unclear Hermann Kiefer Hospital: Static Vivian Cooper-Levitt: Unclear Infected children / Farbeq: Important Danny Macklin: Unclear Voisoine: Unclear

This would seem to paint a relatively clear picture. Of course, it's possible we're being misled or perhaps directed. And why is it that I still think we should be trying to find Katie Flynn. In the grand scheme of things, this is, seemingly, a minor mystery at best. Is it just that the matter of Katie is something that I can comprehend? That she links my personal involvement in the strangeness? Or should I trust my instincts? Could she give us insight into Farbeq? Should we just leave her alone?

Maturin tortures Hannalore. Parkhurst loves Hannalore. Parkhurst tortures Flynn. Flynn loves Maturin. Seelie torture Parkhurst. Who is Katie hiding from? Seelie? Enclave? Both? Something else? What the devil does it all mean? Or does it mean nothing?

Frank Lovejoy: Trustworthy (a little grating sometimes, but he seems a straight shooter) Obediah Walters: Trustworthy (when sober, which he seems to be now) J.T. Williams: Mostly Trustworthy (can shoot his mouth off sometimes) Lila Clark: Unclear (I've known her longest, but understand her least) Jack Casey: Trustworthy (though I've known him only a short time) Katie Flynn: Unclear (she seems trustworthy, but deceived us the entire time we knew her) Gregory Parkhurst: Untrustworthy (will torture the innocent to get what he wants) Theo Weiss: Unclear (he seemed straightforward, but what do we really know about him?) Hanna/Medea: Trustworthy (unless she's simply a very gifted liar) Victor Grayson: Trustworthy (now)

What's my role in all of this? Idiot who gave the journal to the Russians? Insignificant pawn? And what is 'all of this'? Do I believe these tales of a 'big attack in New York in October?' I've largely thrown in my lot with the Seelie. Was that the right move? Or did I act too quickly, like with the journal?