The Augur

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A vast world-building titan in the game Chuubo's:Creating Creation.



A woman clad in monochrome, all blacks and whites and grays. Formal, austere, typically somewhat preoccupied. Often backlit, as if standing in front of an invisible sun. Never entirely still.


Always preoccupied, tightly-wound, holds herself a little bit apart; goal-oriented, but easy to distract with philosophical discussions and mysteries; simultaneously fascinated by and afraid of things that defy her comprehension.


  • Endings and Limits
  • Reason and Order
  • Time and Eternity


  • Cycles, rituals and repetition
  • Drought, silence, winter, austerity and empty spaces
  • Learning and mathematics


To find a way to avert the crisis looming at the end of time; failing that, to defer it as long as possible, and construct dams and defenses to lessen its impact.



Emotion XP
Sympathetic and/or Exasperated Sigh XP
Basic Quest (Struggle)
1/Scene: Earn an Xp when you ...
Bindings 1 - Behind the Mask


  • Superior Magister 3
  • Complicated Plans 2
  • Numerology 2
  • Improvising 0
  • Changing the Future for the Better -1
  • Relaxing -1




Arc Powers[edit]


Storyteller (Creature of the Light) 3[edit]

Tireless - you have access to Miraculous Will

Well-Lit - you may demand dramatic lighting as a coincidental or overtly supernatural effect

Auctoritas Magister - you may swathe yourself and your mundane actions in a level 3 Auctoritas

Appear - 1/chapter appear to someone you have a Connection to, 1/book declare that something is about to go wrong and appear

Transfix - 1/book make people pay attention to you

Obsession - 1/chapter have a profound emotional impact on selected witnesses

Open the Vault - 1/chapter dredge up a flashback evoking a desired emotion/experience

Fade - 1/book fade away into the Outside

Transition - 1/book, make non-interactive changes to the world

Bindings (Wounded Angel) 2[edit]

Dramatic - you tend to show up right before or after things go wrong

Devices - you gain a +1 or +2 Tool bonus when employing mathematical or astronomical tools

Divine Health - you have three additional Divine health levels

Cage for a Blasphemy - there's an awful paradox inside you, which you deny with all your strength

Empowered Wounds - you can ritually wound yourself, or consecrate a wound someone else deals you, to gain power

Recover - you can undo the above process, with time and effort


In the beginning...

... something terrible happened.

Someone was there to see it, too, though they hadn’t existed before. Such a horror could not go unwitnessed. The shock, fear and loathing rippled through the primal seas and coalesced into the Augur, wrought from finity and reason, garbed in winter and starlight, the harbinger of the ordered movements of a cosmos which had yet to be born. Her first act - before she named herself, before she had even acknowledged her own existence - was to declare, “No. That didn’t happen.” So saying, she spun Time out of her own form to distance herself from the awfulness, and it was so (or rather, it wasn’t so).

It was not long before the Augur realized her mistake. The horror which had birthed her was gone, yet it still existed in potentia. By banishing it into the realms of not-yet and has-been, she had not only fixed it in memory, she had ensured that one day it might happen again - no, worse than that: one day it would happen again. Too late to recant, for the nature of her own creation prevented her from undoing her actions. To allow Time to lapse would invite the horror into existence straightaway, and in any case she had no idea how to truly unmake the thing rather than deferring.

So she continued spinning Time out into the chaos, and turned her gaze forward to see if her creation held any hope of salvation. She never told a soul what she saw. Some say she glimpsed a solution, and her every action is a step towards it. Others claim she saw nothing, and is searching still.