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A haphazard group of ex-supervillains, they had only one thing in common: they escaped from a prison facility during the same organized breakout, and had to fight shoulder-to-shoulder. The charismatic Doctor Steel succeeded in convincing them to join forces and act as a team (see his Welcome Monologue), but will this unity survive contact with freedom?


Current Members[edit]



The Team Headquarters are currently situated in the abandoned Carter warehouse provided by SHADOW, located at Pier 25, 25th Ave & Canill St. in Freedom City, NJ. In addition, several team members have their own lairs.

  • Madame Shade has an old house in Freedom City, which a friend purchased on her behalf while she was incarcerated. It's a small old house in a neighborhood that was richer in the past, but has fallen down on its luck in recent times, fairly close to the water. Size: Small (0); Toughness: 5 (0); Features: Library, Living Quarters, Garage, Security System, Pool (5) (Total cost: 5).
  • Warcry has her city-state of Chantico high in the Guatemalan mountains, currently inhabited by her subjects and still partially under reconstruction around the old Aztec temple. Size: Awesome (6); Toughness 15 (2); Features: Isolated, Living Space (2) (Total cost: 10).
  • Warcry also has a modest hideout in the Mystic Islands, across Great Bay from Freedom City: Size: Medium (1); Toughness 5 (0); Features: Concealed, Isolated, Dock, Living Space (also known as a shack) (4) (Total cost: 5).
  • Doctor Steel is currenlty watching the real estate market for a Moon base.