The Fighter

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Heros Paths.

The Fighter

The Fighters path is most commonly awakened under desperate circumstance, whether this is on a field of battle or defending a village from wolves. It is the path of those who deal with the mysteries and fortitudes of direct confrontation, dealing death for good cause or selfish gain.

  • Fighters increase their ability with all weapons at each new rank. They begin with +10% to all combat.
  • Fighters have four Weapon Proficiencies to begin with [50% base] They can also spend these to specialise.
    • Specialisation grants an additional +5% to one weapon type and the ability to always do 2 extra points of damage.
    • Fighters may use a specialised weapon to gain an extra CA every other round with that weapon.
    • Fighters may 'double specialise' by paying three proficiencies for one weapon type. This allows them a further +5% skill,an additional +1 dam and an extra CA every round.

  • Fighters roll a D10+10 for combat experience.
  • Fighters start with two non weapon proficiencies.
  • Fighters have the skill Wear heavy armour at 50%.