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This is a 5e Game run by Sam I Am

Sunless Citadel

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Player Characters[edit]

Character Name Race Background Class Gender Level Played by
Callie Cobrictor Yuan-Ti Background Paladin of Corellon Female
Neximus Delmirev Metallic Dragonborn Smuggler Sorceror Male
Potted Plant
Lossewen Pallid Elf Woodcarver (Guild Member) Ranger Female
Misthel 'Mist' Windsong High (Moon) Elf Far Traveler Wizard Bladesinger Male
Fili Quarie Eladrin Outlander Circle of the Moon Druid Female
Name Race B C Gender
Tok Bromo Tortle Far Traveler Monk (Ilmater) Male
Aster Hase Harengon (Fey Touched) Faction Agent (Harper) Monk (Ilmater) Male

Marching Order & Notes[edit]

FRONT Callie - Tok - Lossewen - Misthel - Neximus - Aster REAR

Callie | Tok
Lossewen | Misthel
Neximus | Aster
200GP of unspecified extra gear at Ledge (location 1)
One vial
Thieves tools
Leaf is at the top where the columns are

NPCs, Movers and Shakers[edit]

  • Balsag - Apparently a big hairy brute of a hunter who lives beneath the goblins.
  • Belak the Outcast - was seen in Oakhurst years ago. Lives beneath the goblins in the Sunless Citadel. They described him as the tree man (he has the tree with the magic apple).
  • Belmir - Paladin of Ilmater who went missing some decades ago while in the company of Hesterien.
  • Braford (Sir) - Holy warrior who ventured into the Sunless Citadel with the Hucrele children. Had a magic sword called Shatterspike and was intent on slayng evil goblins.
  • Brother Clement - Priest of Ilmater in Neverwinter who charged the group to find Belmir
  • Calcryx - White dragon wyrmling recovered by the party and returned to the Smokey Snout kobolds.
  • Cusk - elven ragamuffin boy who followed the group to the Sunless Citadel and is looking after Leaf, the donkey.
  • Dem Nackle - Priestess in Oakhurst
  • Durnn - Chief of the goblins.
  • Flimflam - Goblin captured by the party then released. Daughter of the clan shaman.
  • Hesterien - Elf from the north with whom Belmir associated. Was researching dragon cults.
  • Hucrele, Kerowyn - Merchant in Oakhurst who offered a reward to find her (adult) children who went missing in the Sunless Citadel.
  • Karakas (d.) - Wilds ranger who ventured into the Sunless Citadel with the Hucrele children. Corpse found (i.e. a ring with his name on a corpse) in the Sunless Citadel.
  • Meepo - Kobold who lost the wyrmling Calcryx.
  • Toad - A goblin that Flimflam dislikes.
  • Yusdrayl (Queen) - Queen of the Smokey Snout kobolds.


  • Ashen Plain - Blasted area around the Sunless Citadel, according to tales desolated by the rampages of the mighty dragon of legend Ashardalon.
  • Evermeet - Island realm of the Feywild that appears to have returned to Faerun, at least partially.
  • Gauntlgrym - Dwarven city long thought lost but now recovered and recolonised, north of Mount Hotenow.
  • Helm's Hold - Settlement inland and southeast of Neverwinter that houses the cathedral of Helm
  • High Road - Main route North-South along Sword Coast North.
  • Luskan - City to the northwest of Neverwinter along the Sword Coast, a dangerous place.
  • Oakhurst - Village on the Old Road in the foothills south of Mount Hotenow. It avoided the worst of its eruption due to being in the lee of some crags.
  • Old Road - Road between Neverwinter and Gauntlegrym, little used.
  • Neverwinter - Jewel of the Sword Coast North.
  • Neverwinter Forest -
  • Mount Hotenow - Mountain that erupted, so it did. Its activity is said to warm the waters of Neverwinter River and so the whole region.
  • Sunless Citadel - A citadel that sunk into a chasm when Mt. Hotenow erupted. Now occupied by kobolds and goblins. The goblins come down ebvery midsummer's eve to sell an apple in Oakhurst.
  • Thundertree - Town in Neverwinter Forest completely destroyed by Mount Hotenow´s eruption.
  • Waterdeep - City southeast of Neverwinter.

Story So Far[edit]

1495 Neverwinter

It is 1495 and Neverwinter is rebuilding itself. The temple to Ilmater receives refugees and helps them find their feet. Brother Clement in particular is an almost saintly figure so it is hard for the party to refuse when he asks them to seek a long-lost paladin of Ilmater named Belmir.

Belmir was last seen several decades ago in a village called Oakhurst, a day's travel inland, in the company of an elf named Hesterien. This fellow was investigating draconic cults, something of which Brother Clement evidently disproves.

It is almost midsummer and the group travel inland for half a day to Oakhurst. There, they install themselves in the local temple, hosted by the gnome Dem Nackle.


They learn from Dem Nackle that she did indeed see Belmir all those years ago, but so far as she knows he was alone. He travelled to a place nearby called the Sunless Citadel.

They also learn also that the goblins that live in the Sunless Citadel sell a magic healing apple in Oakhurst every suimmer solstice.

There is a small group of armed men from Helm also staying at the temple. They bear an insignia of an eye.

They meet a local merchant named Kerowyn Hucrele whose (adult) children went missing recently in the Sunless Citadel. She offers a reward to find them.

The next morning the group travels to the Sunless Citadel (on the Old Road that goes to the dwarven city of Gauntlgrym), arriving around midday.

Sunless Citadel

The group descends a rope down a ravine. They then go down some stairs and find the citadel that has fallen almost intact down the ravine.

Within are dead goblins and giant rats.

They meet a crying kobold, Meepo, who has lost his charge, a young dragon named Calcryx.

He takes them to Queen Yusdrayl, chief of the kobolds, who offers them a reward if they can recover the wyrmling that the goblins took in a raid.

Meepo leads them towards the goblins. They are attacked by some giant rats. They find a human corpse, bearing a ring with the name Karakas, the ranger who accompanied the Hucrele children.

In a stand-off, they meet the goblin Flimflam. They learn more of Belak the tree man who has the tree with the magic apple. Also of Durnn, the goblin chieftain that Flimflam does not like and Flimflam´s mother, the clan shaman.

Flimflam shows them the room next door where the wyrmling is. They also learn from her of a big hairy brute called Balsag who lives on a lower level.

The wyrmling immediately kills Meepo (no love lost there) but is then beaten unconscious by the party.

They drag the dragon back to the kobold Queen. they obtain a reward and the keys to a draconic temple complex near the entrance.

They make their way through the draconic temple complex, eventually coming across a troll, actually a corrupted elven dragonpriest from another age. They kill that and take its stuff.