The Gang's All Here: The Neo

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Raze, the Neo[edit]

Page One[edit]


Adventurers’ lust for gold makes them all thieves, which makes the prejudice against rogues a little odd. They all do it. But everyone knows why people are suspicious about Neo…

The Neo’s magical technology needs to be activated by Fair Gold every day. It disappears every dawn. If they can’t find enough then all their gifts means nothing. They chase it. Some practically, some obsessively, most selfishly.

Adventurers all want gold but only Neo need it.


  • WISDOM: 3
Puls Laser.png


  • Combat Dagger
  • Plasma Enhanced Blade
  • Pulse Laser Pistol
  • Leather Armor (Defense 1)


Raze has a full cybernetic exoskeleton, except for the face. To not draw attention, he covers it up with black leather armor with an excessive amount of straps and buckles. Over all that is a large, faded and tattered brown cloak.

His eyes are purple, and his metallic gold hair is spiked up.

Defensive Stats[edit]

  • GUARD (=Dex): 4
  • HEALTH (=Con): 3
  • DEFENSE: 1
  • WILLPOWER (=Wis x 2): 6

Page Two[edit]

Gifts of the Fair[edit]

You always have an AI system and ability to access the Fair Field.

In addition, he has three cybernetic gifts. Each is a tool which, as with other stated abilities, allows you to do anything that the gift would logically let you do.

However, each must be activated with Fair Gold before it can be used.

  • Plasma Enhanced Blade Active( )
Plasma blade.jpg

(Can be used as a normal blade before being activated.)

You have a searing energy blade, Luke Skywalker. You may use Dexterity for its dice pool instead of Strength.

Define its appearance: A curved and vicious looking short sword made of black metal. When activated, the entire leading edge of the blade glows with purple energy, and glowing purple circuitry can be seen along the rest of the blade.

Intangible (Special: this individual hit — not the whole attack — bypasses Guard.)

  • Teleporter Active( )

You can make short scale teleport jumps – 1-5m. These can be chained. Yes, you’re Nightcrawler from the X-Men.

When activated:

It’s hard to hit a teleporter. Add one disadvantage to any attempt to hit you.

  • Pet Active( )

You have an awesome cybernetic pet.

Choose what animal it is: A robotic black and gold eagle. It is stored on the Neo's back when not in use, and folds out to an improbably large eagle when activated.

Choose what its personality is like: A bit arrogant and standoffish, generally to other people but potentially the Neo as well. Has a habit of nipping at people out of boredom.

When activated: Gain advantage on any task the animal could feasibly help with. It is also autonomous, capable of following instructions. Its defense value is the same as yours. If it suffers a wound it dematerializes, and reappears beside you. The wounds are transferred to the Neo.

Fair Gold[edit]

Each of your three cybernetic gifts start the game deactivated, unable to use their special abilities. A single piece of Fair Gold is required to activate each one for the rest of the day. He has a slot in his wrist that feeds a digital 'power bar' on the inside of his forearm. The stored Fair gold shows up as a green bar when it's stored, amber when it's activating one of his devices, and flashes red as it's expended then fades away.

What’s “Fair Gold”? You’ll know it when you see it. Ask your AI if you get stuck.

You have 0 pieces of Fair Gold

Fair Field[edit]

As a core part of your enhancements, you’re able to access the magical Fair Field which connects many technological magics in the world of Die. You are able to interact with and subvert it. Imagine being a hacker in a fantasy world. Look for places where you can interact with the arcane technology.

The dice pool is based on your Intelligence. If you succeed against the difficulty, you bypass the problem.

The dice pool has a Special: subvert the system according to your will for one action.

For example, the Neo faces a Fallen – a being which they can interact with via the Fair Field. The GM sets a difficulty of 2 to try and hack it. The Neo rolls three successes, one of which is a 6. The Fallen freezes and, with the 6, the player activates the Special, causing the Fallen to turn on its allies.

Once more, do feel free to ask your AI questions.

The D10[edit]

Add the D10 to any dice pool when trying to achieve a task an active Gift would be of use in achieving.

As well as the normal meaning of the number (as in, a 4+ is a success, a 6+ can activate a special) if the result is a 0 (or, if the D10 you’re using has a 10 rather than a 0, a 10), the Gift uses up its charge. It deactivates and will require another Fair Gold to reactivate.


All the Fair Gifts are capable of higher performance if fueled with extra gold. This is called Overcharge. A gift must be activated before it can be overcharged.

Say what you wish your equipment to do. The GM will set a cost in gold to achieve the task. On average, a single gold is enough to change one of the limitations.

For example, using the Teleporter to teleport the whole group a short distance would be one gold. Using the teleporter to transport yourself a long distance would be one gold.

If you wish to proceed with the task, you spend the gold, and take one coin and flip it.

If it’s Heads, it works. If it’s Tails, something goes amiss.