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Player Characters[edit]

  • Lukacs Florian, Armour 5, HP 14/14, 1 Hold Perceive (watch captain), Jolly Drunk Track = 0
  • Black Zsofika, Armor 0, HP 4/4, portraits in the Priest's house committed to memory
  • Gulyás Veronika, the Devilfish, Armor 2, HP 5/5, Jolly Drunk Track = 0

NPC Squad Members[edit]

Sample Freebooters Character Sheet

Lands Beyond[edit]


War between Western City (Ehre) and Eastern City (Bizalom) was recent enough to be held within the memory of all but young children.

Magic-users are all dangerous witches unless bonded and marked by society.

Skin color is not determined by one's family genetics, but by the gods. The people have never been successful in their attempts to breed a specific color of skin.

  • Being born with green skin means one is a Lord. Regardless of the station of one's birth, a green-skinned infant is taken into the home of the nearest Lord and raised to be one, as a native birthright. Not all Lords are green-skinned (many are not), but all green-skinned folk are Lords.
  • Having blue skin means one is a servant of the Lords. Most are military servants, though some serve other functions. Again, not every servant of stature is blue-skinned, but every blue-skinned person is a servant to a Lord.
  • Having violet skin means one is destined to become a magician. Violet-skinned infants are taken to a place where magicians are made. Not all magicians are violet-skinned (most are not), but all violet-skinned people are magicians.

Gods and Faith[edit]

The Three Avatars

  • Firebringer: the avatar of sun and sky. A dangerous and loving, virile deity.
  • Waterdrinker: the avatar of underworld and river. A loving and deadly, fertile deity.
  • Earthbeater: the avatar of the crops and earth. A nurturing, destroying deity.

The Others

  • The Eater of Virility, ‘Amimami’: the messenger of age and impotence, the castrated god.
  • The Devil’s Grandfather, The Dark Beggar: the thief of light and bringer of confusion, the giver of forbidden knowledge, the permissive one.
  • Miss Netmaker: a trickster spirit, lady luck.
  • Doctor Love: the avatar of temptation, the city god of the Eastern and Western Cities, the denier of the old truths of the town.
  • Saint Cleareyes: the prophet who received enlightenment in the Cave of the Wanton Mother and brought buckwheat and plum to the People of the Fields.
  • Winterwhite, ‘Lady Deadfingers’: the avatar of ice and death and visions, a dangerous god and bringer of hunger.
  • Northwind: a hungry wind, who chases away the Eaters rots, but brings pains, aches, and windlung in its wake.
  • Bridgespirit: the avatar of perseverance, long life, and stability. The spirit of the Bridge is a good god to ask for blessings, as she asks little in return.
  • Fourface, ‘Worldwatcher’: the god of the turning seasons, of the directions of the sky, of the cycles of the birthing and dying couples. A remote, cruel, yet tender god.
    • Temple of Fourface and the Three Avatars: an old and stolid double henge with plaster walls enclosing the Twelve-faced Stela of Saint Cleareyes. Heart of the Bridges faith.
  • Green Sun: the child of the Firebringer and the Earthbeater, the Green Sun is an ambiguous deity, the creator and destroyer of humanity.

Cities and Places[edit]

Cities and Villages

  • Western City (Ehre): a former Imperial provincial capital, it sits where the three roads meet at the fabulous natural harbor of Market Bay. Austrian markers.
  • Eastern City (Bizalom): a former Imperial provincial capital, it sits where the sea road crosses the wide, slow Drowned River at the Bridge of Glass Gargoyles. Hungarian markers.
  • Disaster Village: a smaller town, some ways up the Whitewater.
  • Forum: a slightly larger town, built on the ruins of an old fortress straddling a gorge, about a day’s journey away to the north-west, past Disaster Village.
  • Channel: a smaller town, some ways down the Whitewater.
  • Quicksilver: a mining town, about a day’s journey away to the east.
  • Vine Hill: a slightly larger town built entirely under the curling, thorny boughs of a massive bio-engineered rose bush colony, about a day’s journey south-west.


  • The Whitewater: the large, violent river that flows under the bridge, from north to south.
  • The Darkwater: the smaller, limpid river that flows into the Whitewater from the east, just after the bridge.
  • Poet’s Cave: a grotesquely cork-screwing series of galleries thick with speleothems and ancient runes half submerged in the dark.
  • Bear’s Head: the skull of a bus-sized bear petrified in place between two sheer, moss-thick cliffs.
  • Goat’s Castle: a pre-Royal ruin glowering atop a hill, home to ghosts and goats.
  • Mother’s Cave: a holy site of Fourface and the Earthbeater, thick with suggestive stones.
  • Black Goat Pool: a holy site of the Waterdrinker, in a stone womb hidden in the mountain-side, with barely any sky above.
  • Firewatch Mountain: a white mountain thick with the black ruins of burnt trees, holy to the Firebringer.
  • Woodbridge: a man-made bridge several hours up the valley, often damaged by the Whitewater. It is held by either the Eastern or the Western borderers.


The Bridge of Saint Cleareyes[edit]

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Rumors and Leads[edit]

Notable Posts[edit]

House Rules[edit]


  • Initial PCs start at L3 with one Advanced Move and 200 coin
  • Fighters and Thieves get free advancements on Favor Weapon and Tricks of the Trade at L3 and L5
  • Magic-Users start at L3 with 4 spells