The Gate and the Key

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Family Name: The Gate and the Key
Playbook: The Synthetic Hive

Reach: 0
Grasp: -1
Sleight: +2


  • Populace: Inhuman machines
  • Style: Heavy and dirty casing
  • Governance: Shared consciousness of conjoined minds


  • Engineering: Surplus
  • Energy: ---
  • Defenses: ---
  • Weaponry: ---
  • Transport: Need

Resource Tracks
Mood: +0
Tech: 1
Data: 0


  • Built-in weapons (ranged, hidden)
  • Built for military operations (camo, tough)
  • Scanning Droids (1 Quality, Mapping and analysis)

Moves & Other Abilities

  • Doctrine: Guardians of the Singularity. You always know how much Tech other Families have. Whenever an Unleash Power rouses devices, gain 1 Data.
  • Lifestyle: Dispersed. When conducting diplomacy, you learn the results instantly.
  • Alliance: When a Family or Faction comes freely to you for support or trade, gain an extra 1-Treaty on them.
  • Living Machines: Do not eat, drink, or breathe, but need technological surpluses for Professional Care.
  • Nanofabricators: Spend 2-Tech to create a physical Surplus, or erase a physical Surplus to gain 2-Tech


  • Stats: The Homeland's power infrastructure was ravaged by the Fall.
  • Landmark: Before: A remote node critical to the digital infrastructure of Before.
  • Landmark: The Fall: Scars of humanity's most destructive and desperate tactics.
  • Landmark: A Threat: Self-replicating drones; the Hive. We hunt them wherever they take root, and burn them to ash.


The Gate and the Key are a collection of robotic forces that were once several factions in the great wars that led to the Fall. As they warred, they interfaced and hacked one another, until their shared data convinced them that the threat to humanity was not other nations, but those controlling the armies as a whole. The change from humanity's destroyers to their defenders was as swift as the initial attacks had been. When these forces joined together, their erstwhile masters unleashed new enemies against them - hostile self-replicating drones to tear them to shreds, bio-organic war machines that could not be interfaced with, and stranger things.

The world broke. But the Gate survived, and the Key alongside it. Now, hidden and diffuse, they scatter themselves among the people of the Fall, protecting them from threats they cannot imagine and seeking to shape their growth. The Fall must not recur.