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The Gift


The Time: The modern day.

The Place: The United States of America.

Mages have been the world’s top predators for as long as their history records, secretly enslaving humanity to further their own ends. There are other potent creatures on Earth to be sure, but none so organized, so cunning and so ruthless as the mages. Their power has only ever been limited by their ability to cooperate and the little gods have been free to do with this world whatever they desired. And so, throughout history, they have made war on one another. The story of magic is a tale of death, destruction and betrayal, as the schools and cabals slaughtered fellow mages to take ultimate power or just to survive against their neighbors.

In the modern United States, exhaustion has forced a ceasefire that mages call “The Peace”. The last great magewar was in the 1980s and the wounds and vendettas are still fresh, but for now, the Peace holds. The closest thing the mages have to a government is provided by the most powerful faction to emerge from the war, The Council, an alliance of nine Hermetic orders. Insofar as anyone in mage society keeps order within US borders, it is them, though the other factions fiercely guard their own independence. The Circle, a loose alliance of nature-worshipers, came off worse in the wars, suffering heavy losses. Now they grow more militant ever year, calling for peace while preparing to fight. The Cooperative is a new power in the world, a chaotic alliance of technological mages, born from the modern age. Free thinkers, they have a thousand wild agendas and few rules. The "independents" reject all alliance, refusing to answer to anyone outside their own orders. They defend their freedom proudly, with violence if necessary.

“The Gift” is the talent that allows a mage to cast spells. Nobody knows for sure why one human possesses the Gift and another does not, but it is the Gift that divides humanity into “mages” and “mortals”, those who have the power and those who do not. To possess the Gift is to be one of the privileged few, but with power comes danger.

What would you do if you had power?

What would you have to do to keep it?


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