The Hardscrabble Collective

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  • Amira was able to uncover that the Hardscrabble Collective is a clan of stubborn asteroid miners that operates primarily among the scattered planetoids of the Diaspora. It has no offices or base of operations, but the clan members usually view the Armada - the ever-changing fleet of ships that orbit Absalom station - as a central gathering place. Collective crews hire their ships out to a wide variety of business concerns, including Astral Extractions, which recently employed the Collective ship Acreon to scout for new mining prospects in the Vast.
  • While the Hardscrabble Collective calls itself a clan, it is more of a coorporative business enterprise, a coalition of dozens of ships crews who have banded together for mutual benefit and safety. While some of the Collective's members are related, most of them are individuals from a dozen different races: humans, dwarves, Androids, ysoki, and more. Nevertheless, the Hardscrabble Collective is as tightly knit as many families, and members fiercely look after one another's welfare.
  • Following the arrival of the Acreon and Astral Extractions claims on the ship and the Drift Rock, the Hardscrabble Collective contracted with an Absalom Station street gang called the Level 21 Crew to protect its members and its interest on the station until the dispute can be resolved.


  • None.