The Impossibility Seekers/Case 01

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General Notes[edit]

  • Location: Hidden Springs, near Boise, Idaho
  • Agents housed at a Holiday Inn
  • Pumpkin Festival coming up; Moores and Greens only people likely to win

Persons of Interest[edit]

Detective Natalie Brooks:

  • No-nonsense, ponytail
  • Local contact

Mr. Green:

  • Loud, concerned, has a kid, but not a missing kid.
  • Lives on Green Street (named after his family?)
  • Owns lots of farmland, big fish
  • Has been Pumpkin King lots of times

Meta-correction: Mr. Green's statement in this post about "six children" is a mistake, as clarified by Talisman.

Jean Prater

  • Kid who sometimes hung out with Gwen and Sally
  • Not taken yet
  • Possible info source

The Kids[edit]

Some notes on the missing kids. It's currently 10/26.

Gwen Addison (12)

Family: James & Susan Addison; Gregory (brother, 8)
Missing: 10/20
Notes: Disappearance not noted until morning of 10/21; believed to be staying with Mikaela West (12; home visited).

Gwen and Mikaela each planned to sneak out of their houses (best friends) and meet up to steal pumpkins. Mikaela wasn't able to sneak out of her house, though, so she never met Gwen. Not yet clear whether Gwen was taken from her bed or got to the meetup point (or further) and was then taken.

Home visited by Wynne and Bill. Gwen wanted to enter the Pumpkin Festival, and her parents didn't know where she could have gone off to. Gwen was invited to Sally's birthday party, and knows Jesse from school (has a reputation for being a "bit of a delinquent"). Parents mentioned a Jean Prater.
No disturbed earth was found.

Rescued after an attempted kidnapping of Melissa Green as one of the "Pumpkinhead" creatures.

Sally Butler-Hyde (12)

Family: Frank Butler & Diana Hyde; Pamela (sister, 7)
Missing: 10/22
Notes: Disappeared between midnight and 5:00 AM.

Home visited by Sharon, Neven, and Malcom. Parents don't know where Sally could have run off to, but she knows Gwen and Jesse. Younger sister Pamela suggested the "pumpkin man," a Halloween decoration, was responsible. Decoration looks pretty mundane. Further probing suggests that this is a separate entity.
Disturbed earth (dry, hasn't been touched in several days) was found behind an outdoor air conditioning unit. Possibly not from this world; maybe alien.

Jesse Dixon (14)

Family: Elizabeth Dixon (mother, widowed)
Missing: 10/24
Notes: Known to be a troublemaker that sneaks out at night; mother not sure if he was in his room or not.

Home visited. Jesse outwardly didn't seem interested in the Pumpkin Festival, but his mother thinks otherwise. Dug-up soil and mulch (2 ft. across) was found near the house.

Tommy and Timmy Greensbaugh (11, twins)

Family: Roger & Samantha Greensbaugh; Jill (sister, 17)
Missing: 10/25
Notes: Both disappeared the same night, between 9:00 PM and 6:30 AM.

Home visited. The twins may know Gwen Addison, according to parents. Also very into Pumpkin Festival.

Boys appear to have been taken from their bed. There are signs of plant matter inside the room by the window. The dirt outside the window was disturbed and churned. Both the dirt and the kids' beds showed psychic imprints of shock and fear, with the dirt/plant matter also having a feeling of satisfaction.

One of them was rescued at an attempted kidnapping of Melissa Green as one of the "Pumpkinhead" creatures.

The Supernatural[edit]

Upon entering the Greens' home, their daughter Melissa was being dragged by pumpkin creatures. After subduing them, we discovered that Gwen Addison and one of the Greensbaugh boys were in two of them. They were taken to the hospital. Later we followed Mr. Green's directions to his pumpkin patch, where we discovered a monstrosity that had taken over the pumpkins. Subduing the beast with injuries (especially Agent Burkowski), we managed to recover the rest of the children and a man who identified himself as Joe Moore.

The cause of the incident is a crystal that seems to have animated the plant life. Agents have secured and contained the specimen, and returned it to headquarters.