The Inanna Protocol: Dr. Mario Saltatore

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Real Name: Dr. Mario Saltatore
Code Name: Galen
Previous Patrons: ROS/Guardia di Finanza/Camorra
Background: Medic
Drive: Altruism
Languages: Italian, English, Greek, Latin

Sources of Stability
Symbol: Rosary
Solace: [TBD]
Safety: The family villa on the Campanian coast.

Bio: Honestly, all he'd wanted to do was help people. That's why Mario Saltatore had taken the Hippocratic Oath and become a doctor. But sadly, being from a no-longer wealthy family meant he had to grapple with the costs of medical school and then setting up practice. So when the first gunshot victim showed up with his buddies offering a thick stack of euros for no-questions treatment, Mario took it.

Mario didn't know when underworld types became a large portion of his clientele, but he tried to rationalize it as a regrettable necessity of his oath. Then the ROS and the Guardia di Finanza came knocking with offers he couldn't refuse. So his life became gripped by a painful and worrying set of opposed 'friends' for nearly two decades. Eventually, it came crashing down, but his contacts in the Italian authorities had the decency to extract him from Italy before the Camorra came looking for vengeance.

Between the loss of his old homeland, and now being stuck patching up members of the shadow community, Dr. Saltatore is wondering what was the point of it all...

Description: David McCallum, but olive-skinned.

Investigative Abilities[edit]

Diagnosis 4
Languages 1
Research 3

Bullshit Detector 3
Flattery 2
Negotiation 2
Reassurance 3
Streetwise 3
Tradecraft 1

Forensic Pathology 4
Notice 2
Pharmacy 4
Urban Survival 2 (Known Cities: Rome, Naples)

General Abilities[edit]

Athletics 4
Cover 10
Disguise 4
Filch 4
Health 8
Medic 10
Network 20
Preparedness 4
Sense Trouble 4
Shrink 10
Stability 8
Surveillance 3


Medical School of Hard Knocks (Medic): 1 free rating point in Diagnosis.

Talk It Out (Shrink): 1 free rating point in Reassurance.