The Inanna Protocol: KyungminJang

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Real Name: Kyungmin Jang

Alias: Kang Han

Code Name: Snakebite

Professional Role: Former National Security Agency (Angibu)

Backgrounds: Bang-and-Burner/Wire Rat

Bio: Kyungmin Jang had the misfortune of joining the South Korean Agency for National Security Planning in 1997, only a few short years before it was renamed and reorganized in 1999. A fervent anticommunist, he volunteered for a support position within a team stationed in Eastern Europe monitoring North Korean activities in the region. He made the move mainly to avoid the adninistrative purging and restructuring of the organization back home, when it was being as the "cleaned-up" National Intelligence Service.

Though he maintained his antipathy toward for North Korea, the time he spent abroad eroded his faith in his organization nonetheless: the North was less active than ever in Europe, and what he learned about corruption and abuses of power in the NIS left him ever more dubious of his role within it.

Drive: Nowhere Else to Go

In 2007, Jang helped broker the very sensitive defection of a high-ranking North Korean general and his family. He was told, at the last minute, that due to political inexpediency and an order from the top that he must not permit the defection to occur, but also must prevent the general from returning to the North.

An "accidental" explosion in the car sent to pick up the general (and his wife and daughter) ensured this, but it also severed the last thread of Jang's belief in the agency. He continued for a time, submitting paint-by-numbers reports and getting promoted and transferred to France, where he kept drawing a salary and black ops funding while salting away any cash, gear, resources, and information he could. Finally, one day, he simply disappeared.

When he surfaced in [London?] more than a decade later, he'd become a drifter who'd worked construction, done odd jobs for criminal organizations, spent way too many years drinking./ As far as the South Korean NIS was concerned, he had been presumed dead and forgotten long ago.

Sources of Stability:

  • Symbol: a lighter his trainer gave him, an old Vietnam War era Zippo with a backstory
  • Solace: his sister, who he stalks and chats with on Facebook under a pseudonym (she doesn't know it's him)
  • Safety: church of worship (he's Catholic, but he's also not picky) (or he has no Source of Stability for Safety if we're doing Burn? Not sure if that applies)

Languages: Korean, English, German, Russian


  • Architecture 1/2
  • Criminology 0/1
  • Human Terrain 2/2
  • Languages 1/1
    • Korean
    • English
    • German
    • Russian
  • Military Science 2/2


  • Bullshit Detector 1/1
  • Bureaucracy 1/1
  • Flattery 1/1
  • Interrogation 1/1
  • Intimidation 1/1
  • Negotiation 1/1
  • Reassurance 1/1
  • Streetwise 1/1
  • Tradecraft 1/1


  • Chemistry 3/3
  • Cryptography 2/2
  • Data Recovery 2/2
  • Electronic Surveillance 2/2
  • Forgery 1/1
  • * Passports
  • Notice 3/3
  • Photography 1/1
  • Traffic Analysis 1/1
  • Urban Survival 1/1


  • Athletics 2/2
  • Conceal 8/8
  • Cover 10/10
  • Digital Intrusion 6/8
  • Disguise 2/2
  • Explosive Devices 2/8
  • Filch 1/1
  • Hand-to-Hand 1/1
  • Health 7/7
  • Infiltration 2/4
  • Mechanics 5/10
  • Network 14/15
  • Preparedness 4/8
  • Sense Trouble 2/2
  • Shooting 2/2
  • Stability 3/5

Personality: Jang is a loner and is clearly someone who has been put through the wringer of life. He listens attentively, is outspoken when he sees a problem, and is deeply distrustful. When he drinks, he temporarily lightens up, laughing and joking, though a point inevitably comes when he turns quiet and retreats into himself again. The closest he comes to being happy is when he is working, fiddling with electronics or welding together a device or extracting information from a database or prisoner.

Appearance: A bit of a mess most of the time. He does sometimes put on a suit and tie (and cleans up nicely enough, though with a bit of a rough edge), but often if he doesn't see the need, he'll usually be in a track suit.


  • Conceal—Perfect Holdout: Can hide a small object on person that can't be found w/o X-Ray or strip search.
  • Digital Intrusion—Cracker's Crypto: 1 free point in Crypto, and can encrypt all of team's communications.
  • Explosive Devices: Bigger Bang: spend 3 points from Explosive Devices pool to add an extra die of damage, or 6 points for 2 extra dice. Spend does not increase die roll result.
  • Mechanics—Swiss Army Prep: Can spent Mechanics points for Preparedness tests. (Or even 2-to-1 for another's Prep test if they are present.)
  • Preparedness—Nick of Time: Retroactively prepared specific timely actions (smoke bomb/incendiary diversion, power cut, gun smuggled into place, traffic jam, bomb threat, church bell peals, switch of identical briefcase)

Contacts: Gina Park, cop in London Metro police.