The Iron Triangle(A MM3E game)

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The Iron Triangle[edit]

A Campaign in the Meta-Storm Universe

Background & History[edit]

A note about the history you'll be seeing in here. In some ways, it will likely seem more Bronze Age than Silver. This is intentional on several levels. First, society as a whole has been trying to civilize, so things tend not to be quite so bad. Second, while I've made minor modifications, most of the events in this historical record actually happened, and much as they're presented.

As we get into the Parahuman Era, things start changing a little more, but not as much as you'd think.

1. Basic Information

2. Major Mystery Events of the 1700s

3. Major Mystery Events of the 1800s

4. Major Mystery Events from 1901-1985

5. Everything changes. (1985-1990)

6. Major Events of the 90s

7. Major Events of the 00s

8. Recent Events (2010-2015)

Player Characters[edit]

Malachite (played by t@nya)

Dr. Lucius Steel (played by funkadelic)

Midnight Green (played by Ziven of Nine)

Backfist (played by JeStor)

Aranae (played by Unka Josh)

Harrow (played by Nick the Nevermet)

Major Known Heroes[edit]

Crane -- The first Parahuman, and arguably one of the most powerful, she was only ever seen in costume, a curvaceous redhead wearing a skin-tight white leotard. She was powerful enough that even Dark Seraph could not face her alone, and even most of the criminal groups she fought weren't a match for her.

She is dead, her mausoleum destroyed in a massive - but oddly non-injurious - explosion of blue light.

Power Level: Omega Prime

The Detective -- Long thought to be nothing more than a Mystery, he disabused everyone of that thought when he killed Seraph with one blow, putting him potentially among the trinity of Power. He is presumed dead after a battle with Star Seraph - but there was no body. He was pale of skin with mouse brown hair and grey eyes. He was always in excellent trim, but never looked like a bodybuilder or professional fighter. He routinely wore a three piece suit, a dark tan duster and a fedora.

Power Level: Omega 2

Star - (Cast Picture: Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra in Firefly). Tall, curvaceous and lovely, Olive skin, long, wavy black hair and warm black eyes. Dressed in a midnight blue bodysuit with stylized constellations on it. Star's powers were Flight, Strength and Toughness. Not quite as strong as Crane.

Power Level: Alpha 2

'Star Sapphire' - A tall, leggy platinum blonde, she was known to change her uniform about as often as Elizabeth Taylor changed husbands. Her most used uniform was an Azure blue mini-dress over pale grey leggings. She always wore four inch heels. She had some kind of energy control, able to fly, create fields of force and energy blasts, all with a kind of bluish color to them.

Power Level: Alpha 1

Star Sapphire II - Very little is known about SSII. She's tall and willowy, which makes many believe that she's the daughter of the original, but she's never said. Her hair is jet black and worn long, kept from whipping around and tangling somehow. Her powers are apparently light based, but she seems more flexible than SSI. Not only can she fly, protect herself and fire blasts of energy, she can also create holograms and even communication lasers. Unless she chooses, her powers all have a brilliant blue glow.

Power Level: Alpha Prime

Dark Star - Belying her name, Dark Star was the brightest and most colorful of the Star Sentinels. Her uniform was a Gold lame bodysuit, with green sash, gloves and boots, and a striking white cape. Nor did she take her name from her coloring - many people assumed she was an albino until the autopsy showed otherwise. Pale skin, brilliant red hair. Her powers were similar to Star's - Strength, Toughness, Flight - but she claimed at least that they were gravity based.

Power Level: Alpha 2

Sorceress - Shorter than seems 'normal' for Parahumans, Sorceress has coffee colored skin, dark brown eyes and shoulder-length hair (or did, when she was adventuring). Her uniform was a crimson robe that fell just about to her ankles. She wore high, soft boots, and even carried a staff. Power wise, she seemed all over the map, able to apparently conjure creatures to fight for her, lightning bolts, balls of fire and so on.

Power Level: Alpha Prime

Firestar - A brunette, a few inches taller than Sorceress, Firestar's uniform was a bodysuit in a red/orange/yellow swirling flame motif. Her powers were flame based.

Power Level: Alpha 1

Paladin - A tall, strapping man in fitted plate armor. Deep, carrying voice, strong sense of righteousness. Oh, and a big sword. He shouldn't have been taken seriously, even amongst the Parahuman set, but no one could take him any other way. The sword or the armor allowed him to fly, and he was able to stand up to some powerful opponents.

Power Level: Alpha 2

The November Witch - Astoundingly tall, she's nearly 7' in height, but almost cadaverously thin. Her usual uniform is, literally, mist that drapes her body from shoulders to ankles, running darker or paler at random. Her features are Asian, but no two people have ever been able to agree on a specific nationality. Her hair, which is nearly as long as she is tall, is bone white. Her powers are wind and cold based, and there is talk that she might actually be able to claim an Omega Power level - though so far, the BPA has not put her into that class.

Power Level: Alpha Prime

Major Known Villains[edit]

Seraph / Dark Seraph - Seraph, in either incarnation, never bothered with anything resembling a uniform, though he did usually seem to prefer three piece suits, usually of black or charcoal gray. He was astoundingly beautiful, lending to remarks from some religious types that he was Lucifer or some other Fallen. Power wise, he was strong, if not immensely so, blindingly fast, and an amazingly skilled fighter.

Power Level: Although none of his powers actually meet the criteria individually, the BPA rated Seraph / Dark Seraph as an Omega 2 for his sheer deadliness.

Star Seraph - (Cast Picture: Morena Baccarin as Anna in V). Tall, curvaceous and lovely, but with an indefinable sense of wrongness. She looks much like Star. Olive skin, short black hair and black eyes. Dressed in the same 'uniform' she had as Star - a midnight blue bodysuit with stylized constellations on it, but it somehow seems to have a much more sinister impression than it did for Star.

Power Level: The BPA officially has no rating for Star Seraph, as most of her battles have been inconclusive, and no one is sure just how much damage it would actually take to kill The Detective. However, she is unofficially rated as being an Omega 3.

Undertow - A massively built man, standing 6'6" and weighing in at something like 360 lbs of solid muscle. Undertow rarely wore anything save for a pair of board shorts. His skin was so tanned and weatherbeaten that it would be hard to place his ethnicity. His hair was dark green, and his eyes were the blue-gray of a stormy ocean. He controlled water, as long as it was available in sufficient quantities. He was also astoundingly strong and tough.

Power Level: Alpha Prime

Megaera / Tisiphone / Alecto - These three women look like triplets. Thin, with the mien of ascetics, they all have stringy grey hair and wrinkled skin, but each of them is also quite powerful. Strong enough to lift cars, and tough enough that small arms fire is meaningless to them, their primary attacks come from barbed, burning whips that they carry. They do not kill, but what they leave behind may sometimes wish they did.

Power Level: Individually, each is a Beta 2, at best. However, they are so good at working together that they are rated, as a Group, at Alpha 1.

Bitter Monday - While their make up has changed in the main, some things have remained constant about Bitter Monday. First is their putative leader, when they're not operating with Dark Seraph, Mistral. Tall and athletic, with silver white skin and golden hair, she's as beautiful a woman as Dark Seraph is a man, but that seems the only thing they have in common.

Mistral is faster even than Seraph, able to run and move at speeds that make bullets seem slow. She's not much stronger than a normal human, though, and while she apparently gains some level of protection from her ability, she is, aside from her speed, no real threat. Power Level: Gamma 3.

The other constant is Boudicca, assumed to be Mistral's lover, sister, daughter, mother or some other relative. Her skin is coal black and her hair is cobalt blue. Her eyes have no iris, no pupil, no white - they're a pure silver color, like liquid mercury. She's strong enough to lift a bus, and her skin seems to be proof against almost any kind of damage, but on the occasions when she has been hurt, her blood has been shown to have the properties of some kind of super Napalm or Greek Fire. She's rated at Power Level: Beta 3.

Bitter Monday is classified as a Terrorist organization. When not being controlled by Dark Seraph, they put most of their energies into attacking religious institutions and nations.

They were not part of the abduction of Star Sapphire, and so survived that debacle.

The Doom Convergence - The Doom Convergence has gone through literally dozens of line up and configuration changes over the years. They seem to exist only when Seraph / Dark Seraph draws them together. None of their members has ever managed to have a successful solo career. One grouping which was captured lost most of their power within two months, going from Alpha level threats to Epsilon. They were all parahumans, but none had much power on their own.

Red Crane - A newer villain, he seems to vary wildly in power level and intent. Sometimes, his actions are almost comic book socialism in nature, sometimes they're vastly nastier. All anyone can really say about him is that, yes, he is a Psychokinetic.