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Talon of the Dragon

Real Name: Zoe Sauer

Look: Woman, Asian, athletic body, casual clothes, mentor's garb

Abilities: Shared Ability: Weapons and gadgets Talon's Ability: Impossible fighting skills Dragon's Ability: Detective skills

Mentor: Dragon embodies Superior, denies Danger

Labels: Danger -1, Freak =0, Savior +2, Superior +2, Mundane =0

Moves: Been Reading the Files Captain Heroic Tradition

Mentor's Resources: Vehicle, communicators, supercomputer


  • How did you first meet your mentor?

"She rescued me. I don't know I was born to it or they just... found me somewhere, but I spent the first part of my life training to be a weapon for a cult dedicated to Ama-tsu-Mikaboshi who was - is? - the god of primordial chaos. His cult wants a return to that, and I was going to be an instrument. They raised me since I could walk to be a killer, absolutely lethal to... well, anyway, the Dragon found me while she was investigating. Adopted me. Took me in. Yeah."

  • When and why did you choose to train with them?

"After settling in a little bit. I knew what she did. What she could do for other kids, other people, people who were caught up in God knows what kind of evil from Beyond or just asshole organized crime or whatever and... I knew had to help. I got spared being a cult's buzzsaw, for God's sake. How could I not?

  • Why did they agree to train you?

"Asked the Dragon that. She said that she'd found recordings of my training and when given the chance, told to kill somebody, I wouldn't. And when I wouldn't, I was punished. Kind of a lot. She saw something in me, maybe? Whether it was just being too stubborn to do what I'm told or just didn't want me running around and breaking our condo out of boredom, she did."

  • Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training?

"Well, the Dragon has family. Younger brother and sister. They're not, you know, superheroes but they're well-connected and help out here and there. And my uncle's kids know. That was... heh, my fault, but... they know now."

  • Why do you care about the team?

"I'd love for it just to be 'it's the right thing to do and I care for everybody' and it is, and I... try to... but these guys... they're like me. Insane backgrounds. In over their heads. Uncertain. If I can, I don't know, anchor them and keep them focused - which, yeah, does sound weird coming from somebody with my history as cult child-assassin to help anchor them - then I'm positive we can do a lot of good."

You and Jackal teamed up a few times before the rest of you came together. Your mentor is cautious, they asked you to keep an eye on Whisper.

Influence: Demeanor is playful - Sleepwalker, Revenant have influence.

Footnotes: Forgot the mentor's resources part the first time. Hope those choices are all cool. In fact the Protege gets asked how the team stayed in touch after they came together, and the communicators could be a handy way. Of course we needed some sort of cool super hover-jet thing which yes, Talon promises to teach everybody to fly. And of course the supercomputer is handy for files and deduction-ing and also doubles as an amazing gaming rig.

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