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Introduction to the Necromunda Name Project[edit]

This is open for all to add Necromunda names from their games or publications into either The Big Book of Necromunda Gang Names (names of gangs) or The Baby Book of Necromunda Names (names of individuals).

To add your Necromunda name(s) to the list, go to the respective letter and click the edit button above that letter of the name you want to add. For example, if your Necromunda name you wanted to add was "Carnage", you would click the edit button above the letter "C".

Make sure your name is double spaced against the other names so that it doesn't appear on the same line as another name.

And, of course, try to put it in its rightful alphabetical place under the letter. In other words, "Deadman" would go before "Doctor Death". If the first word of the name is an article such as "the" or "a", go to the first non-article word. For example, "The Killer" would fall under the letter "K" since "The" is an article.

Those which are from a publication will have the proper abbreviation (see bottom of the page). Otherwise, no abbreviation is needed.

To contact me (Stewart N. Thorpe of Project: Necromunda) directly, leave a message here.

The Project Index[edit]

The Big Book of Necromunda Gang Names

  • Names of gangs in Necromunda.

The Baby Book of Necromunda Names

  • Names of individuals , usually those which belong in Necromunda gangs, but also those found within Necromunda fluff or fiction.

The Necromunda Gang Registry

  • This is a sister project to The Necromunda Name Project. You can enter or view entire gang rosters here.

Project: Necromunda

External Sites[edit]

These sites also contain names useful for the Necromunda gamer. However, they are not Wiki sites and , therefore, not open to the public to edit and add to them at will.

The Eastern Fringe

  • Further reading and resources for Necromunda and a very active forum for Necromunda enthusiasts.

The Imperial Book of Names

  • 'Official' names cataloged from fluff and books covering Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Inquisitors, Sisters of Battle, Techpriests, Arbites, Astropaths, Planetary Governors, etc.

The Underhive of Lord Sigma Gang Names

  • Gang names listed by gang type. An option that I may implement into this project as well in the future. Currently a Dead Link

Names of Gangs in the United States

  • This is a real list of names for real gangs in the United States.

Background of the Necromunda Name Project[edit]

The parent site to this Wiki project is Project: Necromunda. A majority of these names were originally from a closed list of Necromunda names that were given to him by others or found by him on the web or written materials. He decided to make his lists open to the public to add as they please.

Contact Project: Necromunda[edit]

If you want to contact Project: Necromunda (Stewart N. Thorpe), then leave a message here.


The following abbreviations are sometimes used to denote references to published articles.

ONR/S: Old Necromunda


NNR: New Necromunda Rulebook

GW: Gang War

WD: White Dwarf

NM: Necromunda Magazine

BitU: Battles in the Underhive (Necromunda Supplemen] ,iy7oip