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Erica Raynor[edit]

Player: DannyK



Obsession: Being the perfect woman

Rage: Young girls getting hurt

Fear: High authority, like the Federal government

Noble: Helping the injured and sick

Notches Upbeat Downbeat Relationship
Helplessness 3H, 1 F Fitness 50 Dodge 30 Protege: N/A
Isolation 3H, 1F Status 50 Pursuit 30 Favorite: N/A
Self 7H, 1F Knowledge 30 Lie 50 Responsibility: N/A
Unnatural 5H, 2F Notice 40 Secrets 40 Guru: Emily 40
Violence 4H Connect 60 / 60 [Friendly] Struggle 20 Mentor: the Cabal 40
Score Of course I can... Features
Vestimancy* 60 - Adept

Feature: Casts Rituals
Feature: Performs Gutter Magick

Uncertified Women's Doctor 50

... treat common ailments
... fit into a medical environment
... give sage advice
... provide false medical credentials

Subs for: Status
Feature: Protects Violence
Feature: Medical

Party Girl 50

... find a party
... get a hookup
... get in uninvited

Subs for: Connect
Feature: Resists Isolation
Feature: Evaluates Isolation

* Obsession Skill

Clout: The Kate Spade Special: a pink purse/bag of holding The Charm Bracelet: a pretty bracelet with little tokens on it of lipstick, dresses, high heeled shoes, with Glad Rags permanently cast on it; allows her to flip Connect or Status rolls because it makes her look so nice and put-together The Bottle Baby: a tiny baby in a jar that talks to Erica

Foil: Priya Lamba, ex-lover and fellow student of Vestimancy who is now a successful fashion designer branching out into maternity and yoga wear